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More than 500 Custom Basketball Shorts Manufactured in Goal Sportswear’s Factory

100% polyester sublimation mens custom Custom Basketball Shorts
100% polyester sublimation mens custom Custom Basketball Shorts
Custom made sublimated printing short sleeve Custom Basketball Shorts
Custom made sublimated printing short sleeve Custom Basketball Shorts
Custom wholesale sublimated printed Custom Basketball Shorts
Custom wholesale sublimated printed Custom Basketball Shorts
Dye sublimation custom design team Custom Basketball Shorts
Dye sublimation custom design team Custom Basketball Shorts
Full dye sublimation wholesale custom Custom Basketball Shorts
Full dye sublimation wholesale custom Custom Basketball Shorts
Full polyester breathable custom design sublimated Custom Basketball Shorts
Full polyester breathable custom design sublimated Custom Basketball Shorts
High school custom design sublimated reversible Custom Basketball Shorts
High school custom design sublimated reversible Custom Basketball Shorts
Sublimation printing 100% polyester dry fit custom Custom Basketball Shorts
Sublimation printing 100% polyester dry fit custom Custom Basketball Shorts
wholesale 100% polyester custom sublimated printed Custom Basketball Shorts
Wholesale 100% polyester custom sublimated printed Custom Basketball Shorts

Reasons Why Goal Sportswear is Your Dependable Custom Basketball Shorts Manufacturer in China

Goal Sportswear is a premier custom basketball short manufacturer in China. For over 5 years, we offer excellent services and quality-guaranteed products for all your needs! Through the use of our advanced manufacturing equipment and professional production lines, we can process your orders quickly. We can also assure that your custom basketball short orders are manufactured with professional quality. Our custom basketball short comes with different sizes, colors, designs, and styles.

Goal Sportswear offers excellent services, high-quality products, competitive price, and on-time delivery. Therefore, Goal Sportswear is your trustworthy manufacturer!

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Perfectly Customized Basketball Shorts to Boost Your Business

Goal Sportswear is a premier custom basketball short manufacturer in China. For over 5 years, we offer excellent services and quality-guaranteed products for all your needs!

We offer wide designs of custom basketball shorts to choose from. You can choose from our custom basketball shorts with or without pockets. We also have custom basketball shorts with/without drawstrings. Choose from our wide selections of custom basketball shorts that suits your needs!

Our custom basketball short comes with different sizes. We have sizes for both kids and adults. Goal Sportswear manufactures custom basketball shorts that are perfect for men, women, and youth.

We also have different colors of custom basketball shorts. Avail our blue, white, black, red, yellow, a combination, and more. You can choose your desired color in our online color palette. Send us your specific requirements and we can give you an instant quote.

Our custom basketball shorts are made from premium grade materials and fabrics. We manufacture basketball shorts from 100% cotton, high-tensile strength polyester, and more.

Goal Sportswear custom basketball shorts are designed with double-needle hemmed bottom for an added durability. You can assure that your orders are long-lasting and great quality!

These are also created with moisture management performance. This design helps in keeping you dry and cool.

Additionally, we designed custom basketball shorts with anti-microbial performance. This design helps in fighting bad bacteria that causes odors.

Our custom basketball shorts also feature superior fit and athletic cut to assure you a comfortable feeling. These are also lightweight and offers you an extreme mobility.

Through the use of our advanced manufacturing equipment and professional production lines, we can process your orders quickly. We can also assure that your custom basketball short orders are manufactured with professional quality.

If you are a retailer or distributor, choose to buy basketball shorts at Goal Sportswear! We have more than 10 years in this field. Throughout the years, we focus on customization and sublimation process. You can always trust Goal Sportswear as your manufacturer!

We also offer custom sublimated team logo, numbers, and colors for your team. We provide fully customized basketball shorts according to your specifications.

Aside from custom basketball shorts, we also produce custom practice jersey, custom cheerleading uniforms, custom badger jersey, custom sweatshirts, custom women’s basketball jerseys, and more.

Goal Sportswear offers excellent services, high-quality products, competitive price, and on-time delivery. Therefore, Goal Sportswear is your trustworthy manufacturer!

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Custom Basketball Shorts: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find answers to questions you have been asking about custom basketball shorts.

So, before importing basketball shorts, read this guide.

What are the Benefits of Custom Basketball Shorts?

Custom basketball short

 Custom basketball short

Most people wonder how Custom Basketball Shorts are different from regular ones.

Custom shorts are not only distinct in their structure and functionality, but they also have several benefits.

Whether your shorts are for casual or professional wear, you are getting more value when you order custom shorts.

Below is a list of some of the advantages that come with Custom Basketball Shorts.

  • Custom shorts are made from high-quality materials so they last longer
  • The designs on Custom Basketball Shorts are unique, and they will make you stand out
  • Customers are in control of all the design elements of custom shorts, so they get exactly what they want
  • In terms of functionality, Custom Basketball Shorts offer the best as they are made to increase flexibility and comfort for the wearer.

How do you make Custom Basketball Shorts?

The process of making Custom Basketball Shorts follows some distinct steps.

i. Designing the Short

This is the most critical step of making a custom basketball short because we make all the decisions about its style and functionality here.

Once you have the idea for the shorts, you can sketch the design on paper or use a computer program to create a template.

Essential choices to make at this stage include size, color, style, decorations, and fabric type.

ii. Cutting the Fabric

In this step, you begin to actualize the design by cutting the required pieces from the fabric you selected.

For small projects, cutting is done by hand. ;

However, manufacturers usually use a computerized laser-cutting device for precision and speed as they deal with large quantities.

iii. Customization

This is where you decorate the shorts by adding text, images, numbers, and other elements.

Whether this step comes before or after sewing depends on the printing method and the manufacturer’s preference.

Manufacturers prefer to customize before sewing, as it is more manageable.

With a sewn garment, you must be careful about avoiding seam lines.

With some methods such as all-over dye sublimation prints, a large roll of fabric is customized before it is even cut.

iv. Sewing the Fabric

In this step, the pieces of the garment are stitched together.

You also add accessories such as drawstrings and elastic bands at this stage.

Sewing custom basketball shorts

Sewing Custom Basketball Shorts

v. Quality Check

Before Custom Basketball Shorts get to the customer, they must go through a quality check.

This is a process of confirming that there are no errors in size, customization, color, or stitching.

What Kind of Materials do you use for Custom Basketball Shorts?

Custom Basketball Shorts can be made using a variety of materials depending on the features that you need.

For sportswear, these shorts are made from polyester fabric as it provides the best form and function on the court.

Polyester is durable and breathable, and it has moisture-wicking properties so that an athlete can stay dry even when they sweat on the court.

Cotton Custom Basketball Shorts are not as popular anymore, but they still exist for casual wear.

This fabric absorbs moisture, making it unsuitable for physical activity where one may sweat.

However, cotton is breathable and soft, making it best for enhancing comfort.

Custom Basketball Shorts made from a blend of cotton and polyester fabric gives the best of both worlds.

How do you Design a Logo for Custom Basketball Shorts?

In most cases, you do not have to design a logo for a custom basketball shirt from scratch.

These garments are usually made for existing teams, which already have a logo.

Therefore, all you must do is get a digital copy of the logo and send it to the manufacturer with your order.

If, by chance, you must make a logo, here is how it is done.

First, you must have a basic idea of the design to act as a foundation for the artwork.

You can use an old logo that needs improvement or come up with something fresh.

The internet is a great place to get logo ideas and inspiration.

Next, use a program to create the actual design.

Canva or Adobe Illustrator is a great place to start for both amateur and professional designers.

Using digital design platforms is best because you get to play around with the design and see how different elements fit.

The last step is to save the logo design as a vector file.

This makes it easy to manipulate without losing any elements or distorting its quality.

Another option is to hire a professional for the job.

It will cost more, but you will get a classy and unique design.

What can Players Wear under Custom Basketball Shorts?

basketball players

Basketball players

Basketball shorts are typically wide, so it is impossible and uncomfortable to wear them bare.

Players wear compression shorts underneath.

These help to prevent muscle strain, increase blood flow, and absorb sweat.

What are the Golden Rules of Custom Basketball Short Design?

There are some rules that designers must follow when making Custom Basketball Shorts.

These regulations are set to standardize the design and functionality of these garments for athletes.

Look at this list of the rules

  • The color of the shorts for players’ shorts is determined by that of the jersey
  • Shorts cannot be longer than an inch below the knee
  • Logos, patches, and other symbols cannot be more than 2 ¼ square inches
  • Use moisture-wicking fabric to absorb sweat

Note that rules vary by league and region, so confirm what applies in your area before making an order.

Why are Custom Basketball Shorts for Women so Short?

Women basketball players

 Women basketball players

The most obvious reason why shorts for women are shorter is that women, on average, are shorter than their male counterparts.

This means that the length of their legs is shorter, and so are their Custom Basketball Shorts.

Women are also more comfortable wearing body-hugging outfits than men are.

Therefore, wearing short basketball shorts is a style preference for most women.

How do you Print Custom items on Custom Basketball Shorts?

Various methods are available for printing Custom Basketball Shorts

· Screen Printing

Screen printing technology

 Screen printing technology

The screen printing technique uses silk screens to print on fabric.

You first create a stencil of the design and place it inside the net.

The screen is positioned over the garment and flooded with ink, which imprints the work on the short.

The final step is curing it under high temperature to set the ink.

· Sublimation

Sublimation printing technology

Dye-sublimation printing

Dye-sublimation printing is a digital printing method.

The design is first printed on transfer paper, which is then placed face down on the garment under a heat press.

The heat sublimates the ink allowing it to bind with the fabric thread.

Once you remove the press and cool the shorts, the ink turns back to solid form within the threads.

This makes the design becomes permanent.

· Heat Transfer

This technique is similar to sublimation.

The design is printed on heat transfer paper or vinyl sheets.

It is placed on the garment, and a heat press is applied.

You can also use an iron box for home DIY projects.

However, the heat transfer process does not transfer ink into the fabric thread as in sublimation.

Instead, this method applies a thin layer of ink on the fabric’s surface.

The design is thus not permanent.

What makes a good Custom Basketball Shorts design?

Here are some of the factors that determine an excellent Custom Basketball Shorts design.

  • It must follow the rules and regulations set for making basketball uniforms
  • There should be contrasting colors between the fabric and custom design for visibility
  • A good design should not have any misspelled words or illegible fonts
  • The design should not impede the functionality of the short

How many Colors should Custom Basketball Shorts have?

There are no hard and fast rules regarding how many colors basketball shorts should have.

The restriction depends on the purpose of the shorts.

Custom Basketball Shorts meant for players must follow the color pattern of the basketball jersey, which usually conform to the team colors.

This limits the design to a maximum of two or three colors.

With shorts meant for casual wear, practice, or other activities off the court, there are restrictions.

Some shorts even have sublimated all-over prints with multiple colors and intricate designs.

What is the Difference Between Mascot and Logo for Custom Basketball Shorts?

Custom Basketball Shorts may be decorated using a logo, a mascot, or both.

The primary distinction between a logo and a mascot is the purpose.

A logo represents a team in a corporate sense.

It is similar to a stamp, and it makes the brand recognizable.

Careful planning goes into making a logo, and several factors are considered to come up with something professional.

In contrast, the purpose of a mascot is to make the team relatable.

Mascots represent the values and culture of the brand and give a relatable feel to the team.

For sports teams, mascots are typically real or imaginary animals and items.

Bulls, tigers, clovers, lions, dragons, or roosters are some of the mascots used by sports teams.

The supporters of a team relate deeply to the mascot symbol.

How do you Size Custom Basketball Shorts?

The size of basketball shorts varies since players differ in size.

The measurements required to find the best fit for one’s body are the waist, hips, and inseam.

Some basketball shorts, however, have an adjustable waist with a drawstring to change the size.

In such cases, the hips and inseam become the size determinants.

Below is a table showing the average sizes for basketball shorts.

These dimensions are averages, and actual values depend on the manufacturer and region.

SizeWaist (in)Hips (in)Length -Inseam (in)
Small (S)303634
Medium (M)333934.5
Large (L)364235
Extra Large (XL)404535.5
2x Extra Large (2XL)454836

How do Sublimated Basketball Shorts compare to Screen Printed Basketball Shorts?

Sublimated basketball shorts are better than screen-printed ones for several reasons.

Dye sublimation is a permanent printing method, so designs made with this technique do not come off.

Screen-printing applies layers on ink on top of the fabric, so with time and repeated washing, they crack and peel.

 Custom sublimated basket ball shorts

 Custom Sublimated basketball shorts

Custom sublimated shorts have brilliant colors that remain that way for a long time.

In contrast, screen printed shorts always fade with exposure to the elements.

Even though the design is brilliant at first, it soon becomes dull.

In terms of functionality, sublimated basketball shorts do not lose the capabilities of the fabric used.

With screen-printing, the layer of ink decreases the functionality of the garment in the decorated areas.

The shorts lose breathability and moisture-wicking in printed areas, which may create discomfort.

What is the Cost of Printing Custom Basketball Shorts?

The cost of printing Custom Basketball Shorts is dependent on the technique used.

Different methods vary in price depending on the size of the print and the number of items.

Here is a brief breakdown.

  • Screen printing is very cost-effective when the design is simple and when printing many items. Its high set up costs affect the price.

Additionally, one must pay extra for each additional color.

  • Digital printing methods like sublimation and heat transfer have low set up costs.

They are cheap for a few items and intricate designs. However, they cost more than screen-printing for large orders

  • Thread count price embroidery. The larger the size of the design, the more it will cost as it will use more thread.

Price is not the only determinant of the right method to use, though. It must match the quality of the customer’s needs.

How do you Improve the Performance of Custom Basketball Shorts?

The easiest way to improve the performance of a basketball short is to use the right fabric to make it in the first place.

Technological advancements have also affected fabric manufacture.

Today, there are synthetic materials that are developed to exhibit specific properties.

Tech fabric may have increased breathability, flexibility and stretch, advanced moisture-wicking, odor and stain resistance, and antimicrobial features.

Depending on which performance feature that needs improving, you can use fabric that has that property.

Ensuring you buy the right size is another way to improve performance.

Custom Basketball Shorts must not be worn tight, as this reduces flexibility.

They should not be too baggy, either. Such shorts look chaotic on a person and create drag during movement.

Is there an Order Minimum for Custom Basketball Shorts?


Our minimum order minimum is 10 pieces for Custom Basketball Shorts.

We make exceptions for reorders, though, as you may only want to replace a few items.

How do you Care for Custom Basketball Shorts?

Proper care can extend the lifespan of your custom garments.

Garment manufacturers usually add labels to clothes before shipping them to the customer.

The tags have washing instructions for the clothes to ensure proper care and durability.

The easiest path to appropriate care for Custom Basketball Shorts is to follow these guidelines.

If, for some reason, your custom shorts do not have labels, here are some tips you could use

  • Always use cold water to wash as hot water breaks down fabric and dyes over time.
  • Hand wash, if possible, as this preserves the print. If you must use a machine, stick to the gentle cycle, and only wash with other sportswear.
  • Hanging to dry is recommended. When using a tumble dryer, remove the clothes when still dump and hang to dry
  • Use mild detergents
  • Do not iron
  • Avoid bleaching

What are the Features of Custom Basketball Shorts for Kids?

Custom Basketball Shorts for kids have some similar features as adult shorts. These include:

  • They come in kids and youth sizes
  • They have a drawstring or an elastic band to adjust the waist size
  • They may have side panels that are elastic to improve flexibility in movement
  • Side panels may have vents to increase breathability
  • They have moisture-wicking features

Do you provide Custom Basketball Shorts in Reversible Style?

Yes. We do make Custom Basketball Shorts in reversible styles.

Custom reversible basket ball shorts

Custom reversible basketball shorts

These shorts are wearable on both the inner and outer sides.

They usually feature a different color scheme for either side to make them distinct.

The most significant advantage of reversible shorts is that you get two garments for a low price.

It beats buying two separate shorts.

How do you Choose the Right Pair of Custom Basketball Shorts for your Team?

The right pair of custom shorts for your basketball team must conform to the rules set by the league or governing body.

If they do not meet the requirements, they are useless on the court during sanctioned games.

Confirm that elements such as design, color, and decoration placement are up to standard.

Selecting the right colors is another factor to consider when picking shorts.

The color of team basketball shorts must be similar to that on the jersey.

The budget you are working with will affect the choices you have.

You must pick something functional without overspending.

Can Custom Basketball Shorts have Pockets?

Traditionally, basketball shorts do not have pockets.

The rationale is that players have nothing to place in pockets in the course of the game.

Still, there is no reason why Custom Basketball Shorts cannot have pockets.

Many people wear them as casual wear or to the gym.

Therefore, there are many options with pockets today.

What Length should Professional Custom Basketball Shorts be?

Professional Custom Basketball Shorts do not have a minimum length.

However, they must not be longer than an inch below the knee.

Since different players vary in height, this is the easiest way to ensure compliance.

How can you Rock Custom Basketball Shorts Off-court?

Custom Basketball Shorts are often worn off-court due to their flexibility and comfort.

However, they are limited to casual occasions.

You can wear these shorts with a cotton t-shirt or a tank top when relaxing at home or going out for errands.

A polo can also work with this outfit. Add a hoodie to this combination if the weather requires it.

If you are wearing your Custom Basketball Shorts to the gym, pair them with a gym shirt for performance sake.

Trainers or sandals are the right footwear to pair with basketball shorts.

Goal Sportswear offers a range of basketball uniforms such as sublimated basketball shooting shirts, custom reversible basketball jersey, custom basketball jackets, custom basketball warm up suits and custom basketball practice jerseys.

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