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Custom Baseball Uniforms: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This is a complete guide to custom baseball uniforms.

So, before you buy custom baseball jerseys, you should learn about printing technology, styles, accessories, fabric type, and lots more.

Let’s dive right in:

What are Custom Baseball Uniforms?

Custom baseball uniforms are unique apparel that baseball players wear especially when they are training or playing a baseball match.

What can you Print on the Custom Baseball Uniform?

All baseball uniforms follow the rules and regulations of making custom baseball uniforms.

When making the custom baseball uniforms, here are some of the things that you must print.

 Baseball uniform

Baseball uniform

· Names of the Players Putting on the Uniforms

You will have one name of the player who is putting on the baseball uniform on the top back.

· Numbers of the Players Putting on the Uniforms

You will also print the number of the player on the center back of the baseball uniform.

· Team Logo

Here you will have the logo of the team on the baseball uniform for the proper distinction between the different teams.

Remember that the prints on the custom baseball uniforms are for proper identification of the player and team.

What Does a Complete Baseball Uniform Consists of?

Well, as a baseball player, you must be in complete baseball uniform while playing on the field.

A complete baseball uniform consists of:

· Baseball Shirts or Jerseys

 Baseball shirts

Baseball shirt

You will put on the baseball shirt or jersey on the upper part of your body to cover your chest to the waist.

This includes covering your shoulders and part of your arms as well in case of short sleeve jerseys.

· Baseball Pants

baseball Pants

 Baseball pants

You will wear the baseball pants to cover the bottom part of your body from the waist to your feet.

· Baseball Cap

Baseball cap

Baseball cap

You will wear the baseball cap on your head to protect your face from the scorching or burning sunlight.

· Baseball Gloves

 Baseball gloves

Baseball gloves

To protect your hands as you catch the ball or swing the bat, you will need baseball gloves on your hands.

· Baseball Socks

Baseball socks

Baseball socks

You will need baseball socks on your feet to increase your comfort while wearing baseball shoes.

· Baseball Shoes

Baseball shoes

 Baseball shoes

To protect your feet and have a lot of ease while running, you need to wear baseball shoes.

· Baseball Belt

baseball belt

Baseball belt

You have the option of putting on a belt around your waist to hold the baseball pants in position.

How Does Home Custom Baseball Uniform Compare to Road Custom Baseball Uniform?

Basically, a baseball player will have two types of baseball uniforms which include home and road baseball uniforms.

You will wear the home custom baseball uniforms while playing a game on your home ground.

On the other hand, you will wear the road custom baseball uniform while playing a match away from the home stadium.

Apart from that, you must have a totally different color for your home custom baseball uniform from the road uniform.

Initially, the rule was to wear white uniforms while playing on the home ground stadium.

You will change to the dark color uniforms while playing a game on the away stadium belonging tour opponents.

What are the Different Cap Styles Available for the Custom Baseball Uniforms?

Caps are an integral part of the custom baseball uniforms that you must put on.

These are headgear which has eye-shades and are also available in many different designs and types.

Some of the different types of baseball hats that have been in existence include:

  • Straw hats which include jockey caps, boating caps, flat-topped caps, and cycling caps.
  • Fold-down ear flap caps to protect your ears from freezing during the cold season.
  • Modern baseball cap with a peak and a rounded top over the head.

Why are Custom Baseball Uniforms Predominantly White?

Baseball players can either wear black or while custom baseball uniforms.

In many cases, they will put on the white custom baseball uniforms when they are playing at the home stadium.

Apart from that, there are special occasions when the baseball players across the league where white at home.

Visitors, on the other hand, wear the black uniform from head to toe.

This is because the league is celebrating or honoring the “players weekend” which is an annual event in the league’s calendar.

What are the Rules on Graphics and Logos on Custom Baseball Uniforms?

Baseball player

Baseball player

Graphics and logos act as the emblem that you can easily use to identify a particular team.

Almost all the teams in the baseball league have their personal graphics and logos.

They brand these graphics and logos on the baseball jersey and also in front of the baseball caps.

You will brand a logo and certain graphics such as the team nickname on the jersey for marketing purposes.

Remember that you can have the graphics and logos on your home as well as the away baseball uniform.

Which Type of Equipment Do do You Need Alongside Custom Baseball Uniforms?

Apart from the uniform that you wear, you must have other accessories to play the game well.

The main accessories that you will have alongside the custom baseball uniforms include:

· Baseball Bat

baseball bat

 Baseball bat

This is a hollow aluminum or rounded solid wooden bat that you can swing and hit the ball.

· Baseball Ball

baseball bat and ball

Baseball bat and ball

This is a cork sphere that is tightly wound with numerous layers of string or yarn with a stitched coat of leather.

· Baseball Mitt

As a baseball ball catcher, you will use the catcher’s mitt to catch the ball and protect your hands from the impact.

You will also use a mitt as the first baseman to hold and catch the baseball ball as well.

· Baseball Helmet

Baseball helmet

Baseball helmet

You will wear a helmet as a catcher as well as a batting individual to protect your head from injury.

· Jockstrap that has Cup Pockets

You will wear the jockstrap as a man to offer support to the genital area and also protect it from injury.

· Pelvic Protector

As a female baseball player, you will wear the pelvic protector to protect the groin from potential injury.

· Sunglasses

Apart from the cap, you will need sunglasses to specifically protect your eyes from the sun rays.

Have the Baseball Uniforms Changed Over Time?

Absolutely, baseball uniforms have changed over time from the onset of professional baseball leagues.

Here are some of the most significant changes to occur in the baseball uniforms over time.

· Baseball Uniform Fabric

One of the most significant changes you can notice is the change in the baseball uniform fabric.

Baseball uniform fabric has had a significant change from wool to a pint where we use polyester fabric.

· Baseball Uniform Color

The other notable change has been in the color of the uniforms from the predominantly white and grey.

You can now choose the color of the uniform that you need as long as it does not conflict with other teams.

· Baseball Managers Uniforms

In this case, the baseball manager whose place is in the dugouts used to wear business suits in the past.

Changes have, however, authorized the baseball team managers to wear the same uniform as that of the players.

What are the Rules of Wearing Baseball Uniforms?

It is important to have the right information on how you can wear your baseball uniform while on the pitch.

How you wear your baseball uniform will have a great reflection and impact on the respect you have for the game.

Here is how you should put on your custom baseball uniform from the cap downward

  • You will wear your baseball cap facing straight ahead with a slight curve the brim of the cap.

A baseball catcher will have to reverse his or her cap so that the mask can fit him or her well.

  • You can either tack up at the hem of your pants or loose and straight according to the decision of the team.
  • As a player, you can choose your own brand of spikes but remember that they have to be of the same color.
  • Remember that you must lace your shoes up fully after fitting them on.
  • In the case of sleeves under the jersey, every player including the coaches must have the same color for the sleeves.
  • When practicing on the field, you must be in complete uniform as though you are in the real game.
  • You must tuck in your jersey at all times while you are playing or training on the pitch.
  • In the case of wristbands, it must be in the color of the team uniform and place the lucky bands in the pockets.
  • As a staff member on the field, you must never wear any jackets or pullovers on the team baseball uniforms.
  • If the uniform requires you to wear belts, then the whole team must have belts of similar colors.

What are the Decoration Rules of Custom Baseball Uniforms?

When deciding on the right baseball uniform for the team, you have to ensure that you play by the rules.

Here are the main baseball uniform decoration rules that you need to adhere to.

  • All the uniforms of all the team players must be identical without exceptions.
  • All the numbers should be on the back of the jersey and must not be smaller than six inches.
  • In the case of undershirts, the whole team must wear the same color as the undershirts.
  • The league that you are playing in will decide on whether you must have a home and away types of uniforms.
  • You should never put on ragged sleeves but ensure that the sleeves are hemmed and of similar length.
  • In case of attachments to the uniform, you must ensure that the attachments are of the same color.
  • You must avoid any part or shape that is in the likeness of the baseball.
  • It is an offense to have any form if glass or metal attachments on the baseball uniforms.
  • The shoes of all your team players must not have spikes or cleats on them.
  • Advertising, such as commercial adverts should not be part of your custom baseball uniform.
  • You will also have names of the players on the back of the jersey at the discretion of the league.

What is the Best Material for Making Custom Baseball Uniforms?

 Baseball uniform

Baseball uniform

The best material that you can use in making the custom baseball uniforms is polyester.

You must not use cotton fabric because it will shrink on washing.

Apart from that polyester has all the unique properties that can withstand sublimation printing heat.

It is also light in weight, breathable, and strong enough to withstand the test of time.

What can you Wear Under the Custom Baseball Uniforms?

As a baseball player, you will wear a few things under your uniform to protect you from any form of injury.

For men, you will wear a protective cup and a jockstrap under your pants to protect your genitals.

Apart from that, you can also wear sliding shorts under the pants to protect your thighs from being scratched.

You can also opt for ankle or knee wraps under your pants.

Why should you Wear Long Custom Baseball Pants?

Apart from being a personal reference to some players, there are certain reasons why players wear long baseball pants.

As much as it might be a sloppy look to wear long pants, it will protect your legs from other flying objects.

You must, however, be very careful with the long and baggy pants as they may trip you as you run.

Are Shorts Part of the Baseball Uniforms?

As much as there are no restrictions on wearing shorts, many players or teams do not consider them appropriate.

You can often see them wearing shorts during practice or during work out sessions on the field of play.

Implying that shorts are part of the baseball uniform even though not common amongst the baseball players.

Can you Wear Tight Baseball Pants While Playing on the Field?

Here, the tightness of the baseball pants that you wear will depend on personal preferences.

Some players prefer wearing tight baseball pants to make them lighter in weight and allow them maximum flexibility.

Baggy pants are seen as a form of distraction that may trip you when you are fielding the ball.

In many cases, how tight your pants are will remain a factor of the fashion sense.

Why is the Significance of Wearing Belts as Part of their Uniform?

Baseball uniform with belt

Baseball uniform with a belt

Most of the baseball pants have an elastic waist that holds the pants to a snug fit around your waist.

Despite that, you must also wear a belt to hold the baseball pants in the right place.

Belts will hold the pants in place even as the players slide and dive on the field of play.

Apart from that, the baseball uniforms mirror professional looks thus must have a belt.

What is the Difference Between Men Baseball Uniforms and Women Baseball Uniforms?

In baseball, you might not note that there is a big difference between men and women custom baseball uniforms.

This is actually because the difference is very small such as:

  • Opposite buttoning on the women baseball jersey from that of the men baseball jerseys.
  • Apart from that, women tend to have brighter colors for their uniforms which is not very common.
  • One notable difference is that women do not wear jockstraps and cups under their baseball pants.
  • On the same note, men may wear vests under the jerseys while women wear bras to hold their breasts.

How Do You Check the Authenticity of the Custom Baseball Uniforms?

Before you purchase a custom baseball uniform, you must ensure that it is authentic.

Here are some of the factors that you will consider looking at when determining authenticity.

· Quality of the Fabric

Authentic baseball uniforms use the fabric of very high quality that does not wrinkle or fade easily.

Fake baseball uniforms use very low-quality uniforms that are cheaply available and prone to tear and wear.

· Stitching on the Baseball Uniforms

In this case, you will look at the quality of the stitching by counting the number of stitches and stitching techniques.

Authentic baseball uniforms have specific numbers of stitches as well as particular designing types.

· Logos and Prints

The logos and prints on the authentic custom baseball jerseys are often very real and conspicuous.

Fake baseball jerseys may omit the logo or misspell some of the prints on the baseball jerseys.

· Cost of Jersey

Authentic custom baseball jerseys are of a higher cost in comparison to the low-cost fake baseball jerseys.

This is because authentic baseball jerseys use high-quality materials that are very expensive.

How Can You Wear High Socks with the Baseball Pants?

There are two ways in which you can put on the high socks with the baseball pants.

These include:

· Regular Pants

You will wear the high socks first before wearing your custom baseball pants and folding them to the knee.

· Knickers

These are special pants that reach the height of the knee of the baseball player.

You will then, wear the long socks to cover the remaining part of your skin.

How many Types of Custom Baseball Jerseys are there?

Baseball jerseys are available for you to choose from the many different designs and styles.

Here are the main types of baseball jerseys that you can choose from.

· Authentic Jerseys

This is the most authentic type of baseball jersey that most of the players in the league put on during games.

· Replica Jerseys

This type of jersey is the most cost-effective type of authentic jerseys with the official license from licensing body.

· Custom Jerseys

This is the type of jersey that you can personalize according to your specifications in support of your team.

· Alternate Jerseys

This is the third jersey that you will wear in case you have the away team with similar color jerseys.

· Cooperstown Jerseys

This is the type of jersey that you can put on both as a player or as a fan to show your support for your team.

They also have a throwback design as well as commemorative patches for players in the hall of fame.

· Batting Practice Jerseys

You will put on this type of jersey during spring training sessions as well as warm-up sessions.

They often have tackle twill team lettering and logos with cool based performance technologies.

Do you Provide Baseball Jersey Template Design?

Absolutely, you will receive different types of baseball jersey template designs.

These designs are available in designing software for you to choose from.

It will guide you through the designing process thus making the designing process easier.

Why is Sublimated Baseball Uniform better than Screen Printed Baseball Uniform?

Sublimated baseball uniforms are better than screen printed baseball uniforms due to different reasons.

Here are the main advantages that sublimated baseball uniforms have over screen-printed baseball jerseys.

· Comfort

Sublimated custom baseball jerseys are more comfortable than screen-printed baseball jerseys.

Sublimation printing fuses the ink right into the fabric thus eliminating the effects of cracking and peeling.

In that case, you will not experience cuts and bruises that the cracked and peeled of prints have on the skin.

· Durability

Sublimated custom baseball uniforms last longer than the screen-printed baseball jerseys.

They do not have incidents of cracking, fading, or peeling off of the prints hence longer life.

Apart from that, you can only use polyester which will last longer than other types of materials.

Which features should you look for in Sublimated Baseball Uniform?

When purchasing sublimated baseball uniforms, you must look at specific features on them.

Here are the main features that you need to have a better look at:

· Material or Fabric of the Baseball Uniform

The best material that you should look at for the baseball uniform is polyester fabric.

· Size of the Baseball Uniforms

Here, you will look at the size of the baseball uniform according to the fitting size of the team members.

· Color of the Baseball Uniform

You must have the right color of the team as one of the most important features of the custom baseball uniform.

· Type of Baseball Uniform

Here, you will choose among the numerous types of baseball uniforms based on the intended use.

Why is Sublimated Baseball Uniform different from other Sports Jerseys?

Sublimated baseball uniforms are better than other sports jerseys because they are cheaper to produce.

You will pay very low prices for smaller quantities of sublimated baseball uniforms.

Apart from that, sublimated baseball uniforms use very strong fabric which increases its durability.

What’s more, sublimated baseball uniforms print by fusing the ink into the fabric,

This leads to prints that do not fade, crack or peel off thus increasing the durability of the sublimated baseball uniforms.

With the information in this guide, you can confidently choose a suitable custom baseball uniform.

Still, if you have more questions about any sports jersey, feel free to contact us.

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