Custom Baseball Apparel : The Complete FAQ Guide

Custom baseball apparel are the clothes that you will wear as a baseball player or baseball fan supporting your favorite team.

Custom baseball apparel

Baseball Apparel

Did you know that there are numerous types of baseball apparel that you can choose for your team?

Well, in this guide, you will learn more about different types of baseball apparel and much more.

Let’s dive right in.

How do you Design Custom Baseball Apparel?

You can have the most unique type of baseball apparel on the baseball pitch by coming up with a unique design.

Implying that, you can either design your own baseball apparel or work with an apparel designer to make a unique design.

Either way, here are the main step to follow when designing custom baseball apparel.

Step One: Idea Formulation

Firstly, you will begin the whole process by coming up with a unique idea of a custom baseball apparel.

You will have to engage in quite a lot of research and brainstorming activities to make your design very unique.

With the help of a pen and sketching papers, you can scribble down different designs until you settle on one.

Make sure that you include all the details of the design on the paper including the color scheme of the design.

Step Two: Acquiring Design Software

As soon as you have the design, you will have to acquire a baseball apparel design software.

There are numerous types of baseball apparel design software online that you can simply choose from.

With the baseball apparel design software at hand, you can proceed with the designing process by choosing a design template.

Your template must match the design you have on paper or make changes in case you see a better one.

Step Three: Designing Process

On the third step, you can now proceed with the whole designing process by following the instructions on the software.

In this case, you will transfer the design that you have on paper and then make a soft copy of design.

If you follow the instructions on the design software correctly, you can come up with a very unique design.

You must also ensure that you play around with the color scheme and settle on the most appropriate color.

At this point, you have the freedom of making necessary changes in case you have the urge to make changes.

In the long run, you will have the complete custom baseball apparel design on your designing software.

Step Four: Final Stage

As you complete the baseball uniform designing process, you might need the opinion of other designers to ensure the process is successful.

Make sure that you save the design in the most appropriate format and then share it with other designers.

In case other designers see a worthy adjustment, make sure you make the changes before sending the design for manufacturing.

What does Custom Baseball Apparel Consist of?

Custom baseball apparel consists of all the clothing that player will wear.

In some cases, fans also wear the baseball apparel in solidarity with their favorite baseball teams.

Here is a list of all the custom baseball apparel that you should have for your team members.

Custom Baseball Jersey

You should have a custom baseball jersey which you will wear on the upper part of the body.

There are numerous custom baseball jersey types that you can comfortably choose from depending on your baseball team preferences.

Custom Baseball Pants

You should also have the custom baseball pants that cover from your waist all the way to your feet.

Here, you can opt for different designs, types, as well as lengths, there are those that you tuck into the socks.

Custom Baseball Belt

As a baseball player, you should have a belt around your waist to hold your baseball pants in the right place.

In many cases, custom baseball belts are made of leather among other materials depending on your preferences.

Custom Baseball Socks

You will also wear custom baseball socks on your feet to protect your feet from any form of injury.

It will also make your feet comfortable with the allowance of tucking in your custom baseball pants.

Custom Baseball Hat

In some cases, your team may play baseball games in bright lights within the stadium thus the need of a hat.

Implying that the custom baseball hats protect your eyes form the glare of sunlight or the stadium bright lights.

Custom Baseball Gloves

You should also wear custom baseball gloves as a batter or catcher to protect your hands from the ball impact.

Custom baseball gloves are made of leather materials that are strong enough to protect your hands from cuts and bruises.

Do you have Screen Printed Custom Baseball Apparel?

Absolutely, we have screen printed custom baseball apparel.

Screen printing is one of the methods that you can use to manufacture the custom baseball apparel.

Screen printing involves printing the design of the custom baseball apparel on the material.

Despite the ease in printing, the design does not last longer as it is prone to peeling and cracking.

Apart from that, it is a cheap method if you have bulk orders but very expensive for fewer orders.

Why are Sublimated Custom Baseball Apparel better than Screen Printed Custom Baseball Apparel?

Among the manufacturing methods of custom baseball apparel, you can either opt for screen-printing or sublimation printing.

Sublimation printing is the modern custom baseball apparel printing method that you should consider over screen-printing method.

Here are the main reasons why you should consider sublimation printing over the screen-printing of custom baseball apparel.

Cost of Printing

You should consider using sublimation printing over screen-printing methods because it is cheaper on a small scale.

Implying that, sublimation printing is best for smaller orders but the price will increase as the number of orders increase.


Sublimated custom baseball apparel are more durable in comparison to the screen-printed custom baseball apparel.

You will note that sublimated custom baseball apparel do not fade, crack or peel off which is better than screen-printed apparel.

How should Custom Baseball Apparel Fit?

Simon Rosenblum-Larson of the Salt River Rafters pitches against the Peoria Javelinas on Oct. 16, 2019 in Peoria, Ariz.

 Player wearing custom baseball apparel

Whenever you are shopping for the custom baseball apparel, you must very careful and ensure that the apparel fits well.

Implying that, you have to take the measurements on the body and make baseball apparel that fit the measurements.

Here is how the custom baseball apparel should fit on your body.


You can have either the long-sleeved custom baseball jersey or the short-sleeved custom baseball jersey.

When fitting long sleeves, you have to make sure that it extends all the way to the wrist of your arms.

You should also fit short-sleeved baseball jersey by ensuring that it reaches the mid-bicep area of your arms.


In this case, you will look at the length of the custom baseball jersey and the length of the custom baseball pants.

Your custom baseball jersey should be long enough to reach the mid-level of your custom baseball pants zipper.

You should also ensure that the custom baseball pants are long enough to reach your ankle.


You can have either the round neck shape or the V-neck shape among other types of collars.

Despite the collar type, you have to ensure that the collar is snug enough with an inch allowance around the neck.

Shoulder Fit

On your custom baseball jersey, you must also look at how the jersey fits on your shoulders.

Here, you will ensure that it fits right at the point where your shoulder meets the arm.

Waist Fit

Even though you will have a belt, your custom baseball pants must fit around your waist very well.

You ought to have  complete fit that is not too tight but also not too loose for custom baseball pants.

How much does Custom Baseball Apparel Cost?

The price that you will pay for the custom baseball apparel will vary according to a number of factors.

Since we have numerous types and designs of custom baseball apparel, you should expect the prices to vary.

Apart from that, the higher the quantity of custom baseball apparel you order, the more money you will pay.

There are also special types of custom baseball apparel that will definitely fetch higher prices than others will.

Generally, you will pay between 200 and 600 US dollars to acquire a complete custom baseball apparel.

What are the available Button Options for Custom Baseball Apparel?

Custom baseball apparel generally has two main types of button options that you can choose from.

You can have either the full button option or the two-button option of the custom baseball jersey.

Here is a comparison between the two-button baseball jersey and the full-button baseball jersey.

Two-Button Baseball Jersey

You can opt for the two-button baseball jersey, which has the buttons on the upper part of the jersey.

 Two button baseball jersey

 Two button Baseball Jersey

Full Button Baseball Jersey

You can also opt for full button baseball jersey with buttons running from the top to the bottom of the jersey.

 Full button baseball jersey

 Full button baseball jersey

How do Men Baseball Apparel compare to Women Baseball Apparel?

As a manufacturer, you have the obligation of producing custom baseball apparel for men and women.

Since women have a different physique from that of men, you are bound to have a difference in the apparel.

Here is a comparison between the custom baseball apparel for both men and women.

Size Fitting

You ought to understand that women have different features from men thus prompting different size fittings.

Men have a broader shoulder than women thus prompting you to have extra allowance around the shoulders.

Apart from that, you should allow for more space around the chest to accommodate for the women breasts.

In addition to that, you should also make sure that custom baseball pants have enough hip allowance for women.


You should consider the appearance of the custom baseball pants in accordance to the both preferences.

Women often prefer brighter colors in comparison to the dull colors that men would prefer.

Apart from that, women would prefer to have more attractive designs on their custom baseball apparel.

On the other hand, men would definitely go for the dull and block designs on their custom baseball apparel.

What should you consider when choosing Best Printing Options for Custom Baseball Apparel?

Well, you have to be very careful when choosing a printing option for your custom baseball apparel.

You can either choose to have the sublimation printing method, screen printing method, or embroidery printing.

Here are the main factors that you have to look at when choosing the most appropriate printing method.

Cost of Printing

You must look at the cost benefit ratio of all the printing techniques of the custom baseball apparel.

You should consider using sublimation printing if you have small orders but not for large orders.

On the other hand, screen-printing is suitable for very large orders in comparison to the smaller orders.


You should also look at how durable the custom baseball apparel is depending on the printing technique.

In this case, sublimation printing will produce highly durable prints in comparison to screen-printed designs.

Screen printed designs tend to fade, peel, and crack very easily in comparison to the sublimated custom baseball apparel.

Which Ink should you use for Sublimation Printing Custom Baseball Apparel?

The best ink that you should consider using in sublimation printing is KIIAN ink.

It is a unique and rare type of ink that you will have to import from Italy.

You will use it to create permanent prints or designs on the custom baseball apparel with little chance of fading.

Apart from that you will use KIIAN ink because it has ability to sublime and settle on another surface uniformly.

It is also available in a wide array of colors thus giving you chance to choose the most appropriate color.

What are the available Size Options of Customs Baseball Apparel?

We have all the relevant sizes of custom baseball apparel that you can ever think of having.

You can either have the sizes that will fit the adult men and women, youth and kids too.

Here are the main sizes available for you to choose. The table below indicates different sizes for Baseball Apparel.

Custom Baseball Apparel Sizes

Baseball ApparelStandards WidthSuggested Design Width
Extra-Extra Large26 inches and above12-15 inches
Extra Large24 inches11-12 inches
Large22 inches10.5-11.5 inches
Medium20 inches10-11 inches
Small18 inches8.5-9 inches

What are the Best Conditions for Sublimation Printing Custom Baseball Apparel?

During the sublimation printing process, you will achieve the best results with adherence to proper printing conditions.

Here are the sublimation printing conditions that you have to pay close attention to.

Printing Time

You have to make sure that you allow the sublimation printer on the polyester fabric for 30 to 45 minutes.

After that, you will allow the fabric to settle or hibernate for about a minute before proceeding with manufacturing.

Printing Temperature

You will have to maintain the printing temperature at very high levels ranging between 400-to-450-degree Fahrenheit.

Printing Pressure

In this case, you have to make sure that the printing pressure is very high thus making the most appropriate prints.

How do you Maintain Customs Baseball Apparel?

Maintenance of the custom baseball apparel involves proper cleaning of the custom baseball apparel.

Here are the steps that you will follow when cleaning the custom baseball apparel.

Step One: Soaking the Apparel

First, you will soak the custom baseball apparel in water with a very mild detergent.

The detergent will remove the stains from custom baseball apparel thus making it easy to wash.

Apart from that, soaking the apparel will also increase the ease of removing bad odor or smell.

Step Two: Machine Washing

After soaking the baseball apparel, you will wash it inside a washing machine for a few minutes.

The best-case scenario for washing is to use a machine that will also dry the clothes.

In such a case, all you have to do is set the washing and drying parameters accordingly.

Finally, you should avoid ironing the custom baseball apparel as that might destroy the prints.

Which Details can you Print on Custom Baseball Apparel?

As the baseball rules dictate, there are particular information that you must have on the baseball apparel.

Here is the information that you should have on the custom baseball apparel.

  • Number of the player
  • Name of the Player
  • Logo of the Baseball Team
  • Nickname of the Baseball Team
  • Logo or Name of the Custom Baseball Apparel Manufacturer

What are the available Collar Options for Custom Baseball Apparel?

When choosing the baseball jersey for your custom baseball apparel, you must also consider the type of collar design.

Here are the main collar options that you should consider having on your custom baseball apparel jersey.

Round or Crew Neckline Collar

You can opt for the most popular collar type which has a snug fitting and circular neckline that fits well.

 Round neck baseball jersey

 Round neck baseball jersey

V- Neckline Collar

You can also opt for the collar type that forms a V-shape around the neck of the baseball jersey.

V neck baseball jersey

V neck baseball jersey

Scoop Neckline Collar

This is a variation of the crew or round neckline collar which hangs a few inches from the collar bone.

 Scoop line neck baseball jersey

 Scoop line neck baseball jersey

Henley or the Y Neckline Collar

You may also settle on the collar type that combines both the V-shape and the round neckline collar type

Y neckline collar

Y neck line collar

What are the available Sleeve Options for Custom Baseball Apparel?

There are three main sleeve options that you can have for the custom baseball jersey apparel.

The main notable difference between the types of sleeves is the length of the sleeves.

Here are the three main types of sleeves you can have on the custom baseball jersey apparel.

Short Sleeve Custom Baseball Jersey

The short sleeve custom baseball jersey has shorter sleeves that should reach the mid-bicep area.

It is the most popular type of apparel that you will wear in most games during the hot summer season.

Short sleeve baseball jersey

Short sleeve baseball jersey

Long Sleeve Custom Baseball Jersey

You should have a fitting long sleeve baseball jersey that is long enough to reach the wrist of your arms.

This type of jersey is suitable for the cold weather since it insulates your hands from the effects of the cold weather.

Long sleeve baseball jersey

 Long sleeve baseball jersey

Sleeveless Custom Baseball Jersey

You can also opt for the sleeveless baseball jersey which do not have any sleeves on them.

It is suitable for training especially when you are in the hot summer weather.

 Sleeveless baseball jersey

 Sleeveless baseball jersey

How do you Check Quality of Custom Baseball Apparel?

When checking the quality of the custom baseball apparel, you have to look at specific aspects.

One of the most important aspects to look at is the type of material.

There are numerous types of materials with varying qualities that you can opt for.

You should always go for the highest quality of materials that do not wrinkle on washing.

Apart from the material quality, you should also have a look at the type of stitching.

The most appropriate stitching should be very strong and lay flat against the custom baseball apparel.

Finally, the type of prints will also determine the quality of the custom baseball apparel.

High quality custom baseball apparel often have embroidered prints or sublimated prints.

What is your MOQ for Custom Baseball Apparel?

Generally, we do not have a minimum order quantity for the custom baseball apparel.

Implying that, you can order a few custom baseball apparel or order as many baseball apparels as you want.

Do you have Custom Baseball Apparel for Fans?

Absolutely, we have custom baseball apparel for fans. You can check some samples in the link below;

As a fan, you can opt for any type of custom baseball apparel depending on your personal preference.

You have the freedom of choosing the game custom baseball apparel if you can afford to purchase.

What is the Best Material for Custom Baseball Apparel?

The best material that you can use to manufacture the custom baseball apparel is polyester material.

You should consider using polyester materials because of the following reasons.

Of the fabrics used to make their jersey are such as;

  1. Polycotton – This material is partly cotton and polyester, which is quite comfortable and breathable. This material is one of the best because it is lightweight and durable at the same time, the material is flexible for players and fans too at any stage.
  2. Spandex – It is another type of fabric that is friendly to anyone. The material is normally good for making side inserts; spandex is a blend of polyester and nylon. This fabric is considered one of the best for Custom Baseball apparels.
  • Dot knit fabric – Its 100%polyester, lightweight, breathable and has properties to wick moisture off from the body.

It will ensure that your body remains properly aerated throughout the game thus increasing the comfort levels.

What are the Rules and Regulations for Custom Baseball Apparel Design?

You must play by the rules when designing the custom baseball apparel.

In other words, there are particular inclusions that you can have and others that you may not have.

Here are the rules that you need to adhere to.

  • You must make sure that all the members of your team have the same type of uniforms.
  • All the apparel must have the number and name of the player on the back of the jersey.
  • You must make sure that all team members have the same type of undershirts.
  • The length of the sleeves must also be uniform for all the custom baseball apparel.
  • You should NOT have commercial advertisements on the custom baseball apparel.
  • Nit polished metal buttons or glass buttons should NOT be on the custom baseball apparel.

Which File Formats do you accept for Custom Baseball Apparel Design?

As soon as you complete your design, you can save it and send it to your manufacturer.

You must, however, ensure that the file format matches that of the manufacturer.

Here are the main file formats for saving the custom baseball apparel designs.

  • PDF– This is a graphic project created with Adobe Photoshop. Its 100% image friendly-editing format for Custom Baseball Apparel designs.PDF also support multiple image layers. However, it is not considered one of the best format designs.
  • JPEG –As per its name Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is a digital image file extension given its own acrimony. The file format is so popular due to its high standard of quality and can easily be downloaded.

JPEG file format undergoes compression, which keeps size manageable but usually lowers resolution of images.

  • PSD or Photoshop-Photoshop Document is an image file format created by Adobe Photoshop. It is an image –editing program mostly used to enhance digital photos and web graphic creating.


What is your Turnaround Time for Custom Baseball Apparel Manufacturing Process?

Well, you can receive your custom baseball apparel within a few days of confirming your order.

Depending on the type of custom baseball apparel, you can have your order between 7 to 10 days.

Depending on your unique requirements, you can get perfect custom baseball apparel that meet your unique specific and requirements.

Contact us today for all your custom baseball apparel.

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