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  • Lightweight and breathable fabrics

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Your Premier Manufacturer and Supplier of Custom Athletic Uniforms in China

Are you seeking for a high-quality custom athletic uniform for your club event, sporting tournament, company or business? Get your perfectly customized custom athletic uniforms manufactured and supplied by Goal Sportswear. At Goal Sportswear, we offer premium quality and fast delivery of custom athletic uniforms. You can submit your own custom athletic uniform designs to our professional designers. We will deliver we will start your custom athletic uniforms productions within 12-13 days upon finishing your payments and approval of final design.

Team name, logo, sponsor logo, player name, player number and more will be printed clearly through Goal Sportswear’s high-tech printing machines. At Goal Sportswear, we have custom athletic uniforms that are suitable for everyone!

You can inquire us if you want a bulk order of custom athletic uniform from Goal Sportswear!

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Goal Sportswear Custom Athletic Uniform is Best for Your Business

Goal Sportwear is an expert when it comes to supplying and manufacturing custom athletic uniform. From our broad array of custom athletic uniform, we can customize your orders from long sleeve, short sleeve and other athletic uniform designs.

Goal Sportwear’s custom athletic uniform and other apparels are manufactured through our latest equipment and professional quality.

To suit your requirements, our custom athletic uniforms are purely made from moisture-wicking 100% polyester. This makes our custom athletic uniform breathable and lightweight for every tournament.

For your specifications, we produce high-quality custom athletic uniform according to your request. This includes your sizes, labels, styles, logo and designs.

It is our pride that we engaged ourselves in providing on-time delivery. We are sticking to our 11-13 days quick turnaround time for your custom athletic uniform orders.

Goal Sportswear is also a professional manufacturer who offers fast communication. We will provide you fast response to your email or quote within 8 hours.

Apart from those, we have approachable sales team to ensure that your questions or complaint will be responded as soon as possible.

With Goal Sportswear, we have quality control team who carefully checked every details of your custom athletic uniform to ensure that you will receive correct and accurate orders.

Additionally, Goal Sportswear offers custom athletic uniform with varying sizes for men, youth, women and adult sizes.

With our advanced printing machine, colors, player numbers, player names, sponsor logos and more are limitless. With that, you can assure that your custom athletic uniforms will always look good.

For over a decade, Goal Sportswear is recognized as the most trusted manufacturer and supplier in China. We are also trusted by thousands of clients worldwide.

Whether you are planning to purchase custom athletic uniform bulk orders, choose Goal Sportswear as your supplier!

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Custom Athletic Uniforms: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Custom athletic uniforms are the special clothes that you will put on when participating in different athletic games.

In this guide you will learn everything you need to know when importing custom athletics uniforms.

Let us begin:

How do you Print Custom Athletic Uniforms?

You can use different printing methods such as screen printing and sublimation printing of custom athletics uniforms.

In this case, you are going to learn about sublimation printing of custom athletics uniforms due its superiority above others.

Here is a step by step guide on how you will print your custom athletic uniform through sublimation printing.

1) Designing Custom Sublimated Athletic Uniforms

First, you will come up with a proper design of the custom sublimated athletics uniform.

The designing process involves proper drawing on a piece of paper before transferring to a computer software.

You have to make sure that you include all the design specifications that you need for your custom athletics uniform.

You must also stay within the confinement of the rules for designing different athletics uniforms.

Make sure you include all the color systems and the proper positions for the names and numbers.

You must also take care of the sizing details during the designing process of custom athletic uniforms.

2) Printing the Design on Transfer Paper

After a successful designing process, you will transfer the design by printing it on a transfer paper.

Using a printer, you will transfer the print onto a transfer paper with proper adherence to sizing details.

After that, you will move the transfer paper to the sublimation printer.

3) Sublimation Printing

Position the transfer paper on the sublimation printer which has the custom athletic uniform fabric.

At this point, you must have done proper preparations on the sublimation printer ensuring it works extremely well.

After that you will initiate the printing process as soon as the transfer paper is on the fabric.

The printing process involves applying heat at a temperature of 400 to 450 degrees centigrade.

Apart from that, you will apply enough pressure on the fabric for about 30 to 45 seconds.

Finally, you will remove the transfer paper from the surface of the fabric.

The print will automatically sublime and fuse into the fabric with all the details.

4) Incubation Period

The final printing process involves allowing the print to settle and dry on the fabric through the incubation period.

This will allow the print to stick permanently on the fabric thus avoiding future problems such as fading, cracking, and peeling.

Athletes wearing uniform

 Athletes wearing uniform

Why Buy Custom Athletics Uniform?

You should purchase custom athletics uniforms for your team for a number of purposes.

Here are the main reasons why you should buy custom athletics uniforms.

· Recognition

You need custom athletics uniforms for proper recognition of your team while they are on the field.

It is also easy to identify you among many different players thus reducing chances of confusion.

· Uniformity and Equality

Custom athletic uniforms also play an important role in unifying the team as every member has a sense of belonging.

Pro team members, coaches, bench warmers and fans feel that they are a team and they need to unify and work together.

· Team Unity

Custom team uniforms make the whole team feel as part of one group which fosters the spirit of the team.

It keeps the members of your team motivated to succeed and creates solidarity between the fans and players as well.

· Enhance Performance

Custom athletic uniforms are light and comfortable thus allowing you proper space and freedom to move efficiently.

How much do Custom Athletic Uniform Cost?

Athletics uniform

Athletics uniform

Due to a number of factors, the cost of custom sublimated athletic uniforms range between 50 and 200 dollars.

You will purchase custom athletic uniforms at different costs due to a number of different factors.

The factors that will affect the amount of money that you will pay for the custom athletic uniforms include:

  • Type of Sports

In this case, you will pay different amounts of money according to the type of sport you play.

For instance, custom athletics uniforms for running has a different cost from that of javelin.

  • Quality of Custom Athletic Uniforms

The higher the quality of custom athletic uniforms the more money you will pay for it.

Implying that you will pay more for high quality custom athletic uniforms than for low quality custom athletic uniforms.

  • Quantity of Custom Athletics Uniforms

The more custom athletics uniforms that you purchase, the more money you will spend on the uniforms.

You might benefit from economies of scale where you will get a discount if you purchase more custom athletic uniforms.

  • Authenticity of Custom Athletics Uniforms

In this case, you will look at the originality of the custom athletic uniforms you intend to purchase.

Original custom athletic uniforms cost more than the fake custom athletic uniforms.

What is the difference between Loose and Tight Custom Athletic Uniform?

You can either decide on using tight or loose custom athletic uniforms.

Here is a comparison between the loose and the tight custom sublimated athletic uniforms.

Loose athletics uniform

Loose athletics uniform

Tight athletics uniform

Tight athletics uniform

  • Friction

As much as the loose custom athletic uniforms are open and gives more space, it causes friction on the body.

As soon as your sweat dries up, it usually leaves a crust of salt back which rubs against the skin.

This might lead to bruises or at some level bleeding as the loose custom athletic uniform moves around.

On the other hand, tight custom athletic uniforms may have formation of salt back as soon as sweat dries off.

Since it holds tight to the skin and does not move freely, it reduces friction on the body thus minimal bruises.

  • Comfort

Loose custom athletic uniforms are often open and gives more space for air to move freely as you run.

Apart from that, as soon as you sweat, the loose custom athletic uniforms will stick to the skin at some point.

This creates a lot of discomfort as you try to prevent it from sticking to the body hence affecting running efficiency.

Tight custom athletic uniforms feel like a second skin on your body thus giving you the most comfortable option.

  • Compression

Tight custom athletic uniforms have more compression on the skin thus increasing the rate of blood flow and oxygen delivery.

This not only gives the muscles more strength to perform but also allows the muscle to heal faster.

Loose custom athletic uniforms do not have the option of compression thus increasing the work rate of the body.

The flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles is not enhanced thus prompting your body to work extra hard.

How do you design Custom Athletics Uniform?

You can decide to come up with a personal design for custom athletics uniforms.

Here is a step by step guide through the designing process of a custom athletics uniform.

Athletics uniform design template

Athletics uniform design template

Step One: Looking for a Design

You need to come up with a personal design by brainstorming and going through different internet designs.

As you brainstorm, you should have a piece of paper where you will scribble your designs.

Scribbling and having rough copies will give you an idea on how the final design of the uniforms would be.

You must also take note of the rules of different athletics sports while deciding on the type of design.

Draw all the images and include all the shades and colors that you want for the custom athletic uniforms.

Make sure you include the names and numbers on the custom athletic uniforms.

Step Two: Choosing a Design Template

In this case, you will look for a design template from one of the numerous custom athletic uniform software.

You will choose a design template that matches the design of the custom athletics uniforms you have on paper.

After that, you will include all the designing details on the template that you choose including the color schemes.

Your color scheme should represent the color scheme of your team for proper identification.

Make sure that you get the sizing of your design right including the size of the names and numbers.

After a successful design, you can do a couple of consultations on your design.

Step Three: Consultation Stage

In this case, you will consult with other professional designers for further recommendations.

Ensure that you send the file using the right file format such as pdf for proper compatibility.

You will receive feedback from the designers and you should consider making the right changes.

Finally, you will send the final design to your manufacturer for printing purposes.

What is the Custom Athletic Uniform Manufacturing Process?

You can manufacture your personal custom athletic uniform through different processes.

Here is a step by step process of manufacturing custom athletic uniforms:

 Running uniform

Running uniform

1. Designing Stage

First, you need to have a design of the custom athletic uniforms that you want.

The process involves a lot of brainstorming and combing of different search engines.

You will choose the best templates and decorate it accordingly with all the custom athletics uniform features.

As soon you complete the design, you will transfer it to a transfer paper by printing it on the transfer paper.

2. Transfer Print to Transfer Paper

This is the point where you will prepare a printer that you will use for printing the design on the transfer paper.

You must take very serious precautions when it comes to sizing and the type of material that you will use.

For instance, you will use KIAN ink to print the design on the transfer paper.

After that, you will remove the transfer paper and use it to print on the sublimation printing machine.

3. Sublimation Printing

You will place the transfer paper on the sublimation printing machine and size it well.

Remember to take good care of the boarders and make sure that the print will fit in the polyester fabric perfectly.

After that, you must also ensure that the polyester fabric is in place before initiating the sublimation printing process.

With enough pressure and heat at 400 to 450 degrees centigrade, you will print the design on the polyester fabric.

You have to make sure that the printing process takes about 30 to 45 seconds to ensure the ink fuses the fabric.

After that, you will allow the fabric to go through an incubation period allowing the ink to dry and settle in.

4. Cutting and Stitching of the Fabric

After that, you will cut the fabric into different pieces according to the design as well as different sizes.

You will sew all the pieces of the fabric together to turn the printed fabric into a complete uniform.

Make sure that you use high quality thread and very strong mode of stitching technique to improve quality.

5. Quality Confirmation

After that, you will look at the custom athletic uniforms and confirm the quality of the uniforms.

You will make sure that the uniforms have all the prints in place and the stitching is right.

Apart from that, you will count the uniforms and package them before supplying them.

Is there difference between Men and Women Custom Athletic Uniform?

Men athletic uniform

 Men athletic uniform

Women athletic uniform

Women athletic uniform

Absolutely, there is a difference between men and women custom athletic uniforms.

The difference is in accordance to the varying physique of both men and that of women.

Women custom athletics uniforms have enough room to accommodate breasts and wider heaps.

Men custom athletics jerseys have enough room to accommodate the broad men shoulders.

In case you are using custom athletics uniforms with buttons, men uniforms have buttons on the opposite side as that of women.

You will also note that men wear dull custom athletics uniforms and women have brighter colors of custom athletics uniforms.

Which Features should you look for in Custom Athletic Uniform?

When you are looking for custom athletics uniforms, you will look at a number of different features.

Here are some of the features that you need to concentrate on.

· Modern Fit

You have to make sure that you look at sizing details according to modern fit techniques of custom athletic uniforms.

You will make sure that you embrace the modern fit which involves tighter and more comfortable custom athletics uniforms.

· Multiple Neck Lines

You can also choose from the multiple necklines available for the custom athletics uniforms.

Some of the necklines you can choose from include:

i. V-Neck line

ii. Round Neck Line

iii. T Neck Line

iv. Polo Neck Line

· Paneling Options

This involves the type of materials that you will consider for the custom athletic uniforms.

You can either use 100% polyester fabric or blends of different polyester fabrics.

Apart from that, you can choose from other materials such as spandex, lycra, and nylon among others.

· Authenticity

You can be a victim of counterfeit clothing when choosing the right custom athletics uniforms.

You have to be very careful and look at specific features that will prove authenticity of the uniforms/

  • Color Shades

In this case, you must choose custom athletics uniforms of different colors that will match your teams theme color.

Which Ink do you use for Sublimation Custom Athletic Uniform Printing?

You will high quality KIAN ink in sublimation printing of custom athletics uniforms.

It is a rare type of ink which sublimes at high temperatures and also and does not fade easily.

It also produces bright and conspicuous features on the custom athletics uniforms.

Why is Dye Sublimated Custom Athletic Uniforms better than Screen Printed Custom Athletic Uniform?

Dye sublimated custom athletics uniforms should be your choice of uniforms over the screen-printed athletic uniforms.

Here are the reasons why you should choose dye sublimated custom athletics uniforms over screen-printed uniforms.

· Durability

You will use the sublimated custom athletics uniforms for a longer period than that of screen-printed custom athletics uniforms.

This is because the ink prints usually fuses with the polyester fabric thus making it permanent.

It does not fade, crack, or peel off after a long period of use thus making it better than screen-printed uniforms.

· Comfort

You will experience very high levels of comfort with both types of uniforms until screen-printed prints start to peel.

The prints on screen printed uniforms may peel off or crack leading to cuts and bruises on the skin.

You will never have such occurrences on sublimated custom athletics uniforms thus making them more comfortable.

· Cost

You will spend less when you order fewer dye sublimated custom athletics uniforms s the cost of printing is cheap.

This is the reason why there are no minimum order requirements when it comes to sublimated custom athletics uniforms.

Which Types of Custom Athletics Uniform do you Offer?

There are numerous types of custom athletics sports uniforms that you will choose from.

Here is a list of some of the custom athletics uniforms you can choose from.

  • Athletics crop top
  • Athletics Ladies Bike Pants
  • Men’s Athletics Lycra Pants
  • Athletics Singlet
  • Athletics Women Shorts
  • Athletics V-Neck Singlets
  • Athletics Short Sleeve Polo
  • Athletics Short Sleeve Tee
  • Athletics Long Sleeve Tee
  • Traditional Athletics Jersey
  • Athletics Hoodies
  • Athletics Tracksuit Jacket and Pants

What are the Advantages of Using Custom Compression Athletic Uniforms?

When using the custom athletics uniforms, you will experience a lot of advantages.

Here are some of the advantages of using custom compression athletic uniforms.

  • You will be able to warm up faster while putting on the custom compression athletic uniforms.
  • Your recovery period will also be short as you will be able to maximize the recovery of the body.

It is free and allows maximum circulation and flow of blood leading to faster recovery.

  • Due to the compression nature of the custom compression athletics uniform, you will be lighter and perform better.
  • You will also face a reduction in the risks of getting injuries as it reduces impact and stabilizes muscles.
  • It uses the targeted active compression technology fabric (TACT) for ultimate performance on the track.
  • You have a wide array of unlimited designs and colors for your custom compression athletics uniforms.
  • You can customize the sublimated custom athletic uniforms by printing your names and numbers.

What Custom Athletic Uniforms Can You Wear Off the Track?

You can also have custom athletic uniforms and put them on while you are not participating in any sport.

Implying that you can put on custom athletic uniforms while you are off the track.

Here are some of the custom athletic uniforms that you can wear off the track.

  • Warm-up Tops

You will put on the warm up tops while you are warming up off the track.

You can also have the warm-up tops while you are sitting on the bench to keep you warm.

  • Polo Shirts

You can put on polo shirts as a fashion accessory while you are not putting it on for sporting purposes.

  • Jackets

You will put on the jackets to keep you warm off the track as you wait to participate in the athletic games.

  • Hoodies

Hoodies also act as fashion accessories and they also keep you warm while you are off the track.

  • Track Pants

To keep your body warm, you will put on track pants that will cover your legs and comfortably warm you up.

How Can you Care and Maintain Custom Athletic Uniforms?

Care and maintenance of the custom athletics uniforms involve proper cleaning and use of the custom athletic uniforms.

You can clean the custom athletics uniforms by maintaining the following steps.

Playing Javelin

Playing javelin

  • You will wash the custom sublimated athletic uniforms inside out to prevent damage on the sublimated prints.
  • You must also separate the colored and the white sublimated custom athletic uniforms when you are cleaning them.
  • You can either use cold or warm water to wash the clothes without worrying about their effects.
  • Be careful not to use strong soap or detergents as that might lead to fading of the color prints.
  • As you clean the custom sublimated athletics uniforms, you have to remove the garments from the washer promptly.

After washing, you will dry the custom athletic uniforms by hanging them to dry.

  • You should use plastic or wooden hangers in the process of drying the custom sublimated athletic uniforms.
  • In case you use a machine to dry, you will set it to dry on the air or low heat mode.
  • You must also remove the custom sublimated athletics uniforms promptly after completing the drying circle.

You will store dry custom athletics uniforms after complete drying in cool and dry places.

You must also be careful NOT to do the following:

  • Do not iron the custom sublimated uniforms or wash using hot water.
  • Do not overload the washer with many custom athletic uniforms or dry clean the uniforms.
  • Apart from that, you should not use any bleach and fabric softeners on the custom athletic uniforms.

How Should Custom Athletic Uniforms Fit?

You should custom fit the athletics uniforms by measuring various sizes of your team members.

While at it, you must make sure that you take measurements of key areas of the body such as:

  • Shoulder length
  • Sleeve length
  • Chest size
  • Length of jersey from waist to the neck area
  • Waist
  • Inseam and Out seam

Custom athletics uniforms should fit well and allow enough space for maximum flexibility.

The collar and shoulder line of the custom athletics uniforms should fit in well as well as the sleeves.

How Do You Size Custom Athletics Uniforms?

Apart from fitting the custom athletics uniforms, you must also get the right size of the uniforms.

In this case, you will take the same measurements as the one above.

You can use the following size chart to assist you in determining the right size.

Uniform Size Chat (inches)YXSYSYMYLASAMALAXLA2XL
Unisex Chest25 – 2727 – 2929 – 3131 – 3333 – 3535 – 3737 – 3939 – 4141 – 43
Unisex Waist21 – 2323 – 2525 – 2727 – 2929 – 3131 – 3333 – 3535 – 3737 – 39

Can you Identify Fake Custom Athletic Uniform?

Yes, you can easily identify fake custom athletic uniforms from the original custom athletics uniforms.

Here are some of the features that you should look at.

  • Quality of Material

In this case, you will note that fake uniforms use very low-quality materials for the athletics uniforms.

  • Quality of Stitching

You will also note that the stitching technique is off and they type of thread in use is of low quality.

Apart from that, there will be very little adherence to the number of stitches.

  • Quality of Prints

You will realize that fake custom athletics uniforms have low quality prints as they use low quality ink.

  • Cost of Athletics Uniforms

In a nutshell, fake custom athletics uniforms often work on a low budget thus reducing the retail price as well.

Do You Have Custom Athletic Uniforms for Kids?

Yes, there are plenty of custom athletic uniforms for kids.

You will get the right size of custom athletic uniforms for your kids according to your custom order.

Are there Standard Custom Athletic Uniform Rules and Regulations?

Yes, there are standard athletics uniform rules and regulations that you need to follow.

You must, however, note that the rules and regulations of the custom athletics uniforms will vary according to the sport.

The main rules that apply to all of them are:

  • You should have a different color of uniform in comparison to that of your opponent.
  • You must also have names and numbers printed on the uniforms for proper identification.
  • You can have logos of the manufacture, your team, and that of the sponsoring company.
  • You must have fitting clothes and avoid other accessories that might cause injury to other players.

Which Accessories can you wear alongside Custom Athletic Uniforms?

You can wear different types of accessories alongside custom athletic uniforms.

The accessories may vary according to the sport but the most common accessories include:

  • Athletics shoes which you will wear on your feet to protect them from injury
  • Custom athletic shorts which you will wear to protect the lower part of your body.
  • Socks or stackings for your legs
  • Knee and elbow guards to protect your knee and elbow incase you fall.

Which Words and Logos can you Print on Custom Athletic Uniform?

You can print different words and logos on custom athletic uniforms depending on the type of sports.

Here are the main things that you will print on custom sublimated athletic uniforms:

Athletics uniform

Athletics uniform

  • Names

You can print the name of the player on the custom sublimated athletic uniform.

Apart from player name, you can print the name of the team you are representing.

In other circumstances, you will print the name of the country that you are representing in the games.

  • Numbers

You have to print a number on custom athletics uniform that will assist in proper identification.

It will be easy to spot you on the track with your number by cross referencing your number with your name.

  • Logos

You can have different types of logos on your custom athletics uniform according to the type of sport.

In many cases, most custom athletic uniforms have two logos with one for your team and another for manufacturer.

In other custom team uniforms, you will have numerous logos such as that of the sponsoring teams.

As you come to the end of this guide, probably, you could be having more questions on athletics uniform.

You can contact us now for free consultation and advice.

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