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Custom 1_4 zipper winter jackets
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Wholesale custom team jackets
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Goal Sportswear is a World-class Manufacturer and Supplier of Custom Athletic Jackets in China

Purchase your high-quality custom athletic jackets from your number one manufacturer in China. At Goal Sportswear, you can have the opportunity to create your own design of custom athletic jackets.  Aside from that, custom athletic jackets from Goal Sportswear comes in different sizes for kids, women, and men. Guaranteed that you can find the best custom athletic jackets at Goal Sportswear!

Custom athletic jackets from Goal Sportswear are perfectly suitable for your team, coaches, company and business. We always make sure that our custom athletic jackets are made to exactly match your specifications. The design of custom athletic jackets from Goal Sportswear are countless! As your reputable manufacturer, there are lots of reason to choose Goal Sportswear!

Inquire us today for your custom athletic jacket orders!

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To Skyrocket Your Business, Choose Goal Sportswear Custom Athletic Jackets

Custom athletic jackets can provide maximum protection for the unity and player of the sports team. At Goal Sportswear, you can choose from our broad options of custom athletic jackets.

We, at Goal Sportswear, can provide custom athletic jackets with embroidery and tackle twill. We are supplying the best quality custom athletic jackets perfectly suitable for fans, staffs and most of all, athletic teams.

In China, Goal Sportswear is an expert manufacturer of high-quality custom athletic jackets for your business. Choose custom athletic jackets with different sizes, colors, styles and weights that suits your needs.

Goal Sportswear’s professional designers can make custom athletic jackets with individual names, numbers, logos and more.

We can manufacture large quantity of custom athletic jackets through advanced print technologies and high-quality item for your organization or brand.

The best of all, Goal Sportswear’s custom athletic jackets are available with faster turnaround and quantity discounts.

Aside from that, custom athletic jackets manufactured by Goal Sportswear are great for staying warm, travelling, representing team, or warming on field.

Front pouch pockets, drawcord hood as well as hem with toggles are features of our custom athletic jackets. We also have zipped and hooded custom athletic jackets available.

At Goal Sportswear, you can surely get the best custom athletic jackets. With its wide option, our custom athletic jackets can surely suitable for your business!

If you are interested to buy bulk orders of custom athletic jackets, choose to purchase at Goal Sportswear! We have more than 10 years in the manufacturing and supplying custom athletic jackets in China.

In China, Goal Sportswear is committed in providing excellent services, quality products and fastest delivery! We will surely be your trustworthy business partner!

Plus, we have knowledgeable sales and service team who will assist and respond to your questions as well as inquiries. At Goal Sportswear, you can guarantee a hassle-free buying experience!

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Custom Athletic Jackets: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This is a comprehensive guide that covers everything you want to know about custom athletic jackets such as choice of material, printing technique, sizes, MOQ, and logo printing, amongst others.

So, before you import custom athletic jackets from China, ensure you read this guide.

Let’s dive right in.

Is there a difference between Custom Athletic Jackets and Standard Team Jackets for Sports?

Yes, there is a clear cut difference.

Custom Athletic Jackets

First, the custom athletic jackets are purely customizable pieces of sports jerseys purposely for athletics.

Running jacket

Running jacket

With a custom athletic jacket, you can quickly and swiftly create your unique sportswear.

With the help of some readily available design tools, you will easily add texts, images, and graphics to your jackets.

Generally, custom athletic jackets are entirely custom made to suit your unique demands.

· Standard Team Jackets

However, the standard team jackets are also distinct sportswear with unique features.

Nevertheless, the standard team jackets come when everything relating to their design is ready.

You simply buy your batch, and you are good to go.

You will not need to go through the hurdle of designing and tweaking the standard team jackets.

Despite that, some manufacturers still offer you the chance of specifying your exact needs and designs you would want to be included in the jackets.

With such details, the manufacturer or the supplier consists of those details on your sportswear.

You can purchase standard team jackets for a team of players, or you can as well buy your own in support of your organization.

Therefore, custom athletic jackets specifically suit an individual’s demands and specifications.

While standard team jackets are entirely ready for wear, designed for a specific team.

How does Custom Athletic Jacket compare to Custom Sports Hoodie?

custom athletes jackets

Custom athletes jacket

Athletes hoodie

Athletics hoodie


As we previously outlined, custom athletic jackets provide the user with the opportunity of specifying their design.

Elsewhere, the custom sports hoodie also enables the buyer to tweak his or her sportswear according to their particular needs.

So like the custom athletic jackets, you can also pick your sports hoodie to add your text and designs.

Besides, both the custom athletic jackets and the custom sports hoodies are available for a variety of types.

The former is available for all kinds of athletics.

You can also get the later for almost all types of sports.

You can get custom jackets/ hoodies for players, non-playing staff and cheerleaders.

They also come in several colours and materials ranging from nylons to soft polyester fabric.


In terms of appearance: Custom athletic jackets are upper-body garments, with sleeves and fastens in the front part or sides.

The custom sports hoodies are mostly a sweatshirt with a hood.

They also have a muff on the lower front part. It has a drawstring that adjusts the extent of the hood opening.

In terms of Purpose:  the custom athletic jackets are ideal for warming up on the pitch, maintaining warm on the sidelines, travelling between games and supporting the team.

Similarly, custom sports hoodies also fit the above purposes for the jackets.

However, the athletic jackets are favourable when you require less insulating sportswear.

Sports hoodies would be ideal for providing a considerable amount of insulation from cold weather.

Still, the athletic jacket is usually light and loose-fitting. On the other hand, sports hoodies are considerably heavier and warmer.

Why do you need personalized Athletics Jackets?

Generally, athletic jackets are necessary wares when travelling to a game/ plays, waiting for playing opportunity at the bench, or keeping warm while exercising in cold weather.

Above all, customizing your apparel brings you the following benefits.

  1. Wide range of designs: with personalized athletics jackets, you are free to choose from unlimited logos, elements, and colours.

You can modify everything, including your texts and images.

  1. You get to submit your specifications/ style: with a custom jacket, you send to a manufacturer whatever you are inspiring to put on the jackets.

Therefore, you include jersey numbers, colours, names, logos that are non-peeling, non-cracking or resistant to fading when washing. Besides, all these take place at your discretion.

  1. Free design consultation: most suppliers of personalized athletic jackets have several jacket designers who are willing to offer free design services.

Besides, they have a wide selection of design styles that you can pick.

  1. Affordable with no hidden fees: the jackets are of super quality and appearance. Moreover, you get a quotation for every design and specification phase; thus, you do not pay for ghost services.

Above all, they are affordable by all.

  1. You acquire a perfect fit: you only select or order a jacket that would be well adjusted to your measurements, thus providing adequate ease and comfort.

Personalization would mean that you accommodate the sleeve length, overall length, neck size etc.

  1. Saves a lot of time and effort: look shopping athletics jackets is quite tiresome.

You get to peruse through numerous designs and types before settling for an almost closer example according to your need.

However, the custom way is straightforward and controllable.

You get to submit your style, the supplier works on it, and you get it after a specified time.

You thus save on the hustle and bustle of shopping.

  1. You get quality: with custom made athletic jackets, you select better fabrics- silk, artificial fibres, cotton, wool, natural fibres etc. before kick-starting the whole process.

Can you Design Custom Team Jacket?

Custom athletic jacket

Custom athletic jacket

Yes, you can come up with your unique design for the custom team jackets.

This means you can introduce all the logos, names and numbers you want to be included.

Besides, most suppliers already have preloaded varieties of design options you can choose from.

With a complete design, then you will order the team jackets.

Most importantly, if you are not entirely sure about the design, then you can contact your suppliers’ graphic designers for assistance.

What is the Best Material for Custom Athletic Jacket?

Athletic jackets have fabrics that are lightweight and offer adequate flexibility for outdoor exercises and general athletics.

Running rain jacket

Running jacket

The most ordinary and excellent fabrics include:

  • Herringbone. Usually classic in appearance. Athletics jackets of such material are brown, tan, dark grey, light grey, and blue.
  • Flannel. Are soft and have napped surface. Flannel Athletic jackets comprised of non-navy fabrics and interweaved with other colours.
  • Tweed. This material is thick and has a rough weave. It makes a perfect fabric for athletic jackets.

Besides, the tweeds varied colour of patterns contribute to unique looks. Moreover, they come in several colours.

  • Houndstooth. It has a characteristic pattern and is a “busy” fabric. Popular in the UK, Europe, and North America.

That aside, you could as well select patterned fabrics depending on your environment and climatic conditions.

You may opt for:

  • Polyester; famous for its lightweight and durability.
  • Cotton; very warm and provides adequate ventilation.
  • Fleece; good for providing warmth since it is a natural insulator.

Types of Custom Sports Jackets do you offer?

You should consider any of the following options:

i. Custom Athletic Jacket Color

They are available in unlimited colours.

Typical athletic jacket colours have solid foundation colours, bright colours, vibrant colours, and lighter shades.

The most common colours include beige, black, blue, brown, camo, gold, grey, green, navy, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow, etc.

ii. Custom Athletic Jacket for men vs Custom Athletic Jackets for Women

The two types of jackets have got unique features besides having apparent cut differences.

Custom Athletic Jacket for Men

Men athletic jacket

Men athletic jacket

  • Size: bigger to cater for masculinity. Men’s athletic jackets have broad or broader shoulders.
  • Buttons: for customized athletic jackets with buttons, for men, the buttons should be on the right side.
  • Shape: custom athletic jackets have a box-like form which corresponds to the men’s body ( straight and narrow)
  • Pattern: usually casual and business patterns on athletic jackets. Mostly they have got dull colours including brown, black, navy blue, grey etc. though light/ bright colours available.

Custom Athletic Jacket for Women

Women athletic jacket

Women athletic jacket

  • Size: suitably measured to fit according to the female’s body. Extra allowance for the breasts and shoulder-width smaller.
  • Buttons: the jackets have buttons on the left side.
  • Shape: to suit women’s body, the jacket is curvy to cater for the curvaceous women body shape.
  • Pattern: the athletic jackets have characteristic beauty oriented patterns and designs such as flowers. They are also colourful with pink, purple, red, green, orange colours etc.

iii. Custom Athletics Jackets Closing Options.

You can select your preferable closing option for your custom jacket depending on your needs.

  • Zip; zipping is quite simple to do when putting on the athletic jackets. Once zipped, you smoothly proceed with your exercise or field duties.

Besides, you can select from a variety of zippers. They include coil zippers, metal zippers, invisible zippers, open-ended zippers, two-way open zippers.

  • Buttons; custom athletic jackets come in a variety of materials, and they vary from plastic, metal, glass to ceramic.

Still, you can select one type of button amongst the flat buttons, shanked buttons, cloth buttons.

  • Toggles; they are button-like but long and skinny. They have holes for attaching them against the fabric.
  • Snap fasteners; are available in different sizes. They are metallic or plastic.
  • Hook and loop fasteners; they consist of two strips of poly or nylon material. You quickly open it by pulling the hook and loop apart.
  • Tie closures.
  • Loop closures.

iv. Hooded Custom Athletic Jackets

This exclusive athletic jackets are relatively thick and warmer but have no collar.

The jacket comes with a complete hood and lace hanging around the neck for adjusting the hood size.

You may get such a jacket with a customizable zipper though mostly they have no zippers or buttons at the front side.

They are also ideal for warming up or exercising in chilly weather.

v. Custom Athletic Jackets without Hood.

This is a typical athletic jacket.

Its length is up to the waistline.

They may have a zipper or button at the front.

Elsewhere, you can order a jacket with a zipper at the sleeve line side.

The custom athletic jacket without a hood is both ideals for players, coach, non-playing staff and cheerleaders.

What are the Available Sizes for Personalized Athletics Jackets?

Personalized athletics jackets are available in a variety of size modes following:

  • Short, long or extra-long lengths.
  • Sleeve lengths, and jacket body.
  • Short, long or extra -extended sizes

Short: such jackets are 2 inches shorter in both sleeve and body length compared to the usual jacket.

Long; these athletic jackets are 2 inches longer in both the sleeve and body length compared to the usual jackets.

Extra-long; these athletic jackets are 3 inches longer in both sleeve and body length compared to the regular jacket.

Note that you can also order a unique sized jacket.

For the width, height and shape weight, you can always refer to an appropriate sizing reference chart.

Note that the charts are available in US sizing, China sizing, and European sizing.

How much does Customs Sports Jackets Cost?

Though the customs sports jackets are relatively affordable, the costs again will vary depending on the type of jacket.

The contributing factors that influence the costs include:

  • Quality of the jackets- higher quality means you pay more.
  • Authenticity; original customs jacket costs more.
  • Quantity; more number of jackets attracts a considerable discount so costs less.
  • Brand; popular brands cost more.

Nevertheless, you will still pay a price range of between $ 30 to $100, depending on the mentioned factors.

Again, the prices vary depending on your location.

Why Choose Sublimation Printing Custom Athletic Jackets?

First, sublimation printing is a process of transferring dye to a piece of fabric by use of thermal heat.

In fact, sublimated athletics jackets are popular nowadays.

Most importantly, sublimation printing is famous and adored by most athletic jackets manufacturers because of the following reasons.

Team jackets

 Team jackets

· Produces CompleteColour on Small Batches

On small orders of printing, the sublimation printing technique would be less expensive compared to other methods.

Besides, as opposed to screen printing, sublimation doesn’t require the use of separate screens, films or the expansive setup.

· Does not Require Minimum Orders

With the sublimation technique, there is no need for specifying a specific amount of order of printing athletic jackets.

Any kind of order is easy to accommodate, whether small or big.

That is because sublimation requires little setup for printing.

· Easy to Customize every Jacket

With sublimation printing, you can individually customize every jacket you want to print.

You get to transfer every detail onto the garment, thus providing room for easier customization.

· Durability

Sublimated prints last long, no cracking or peeling off of the photographs.

· Produces Light/ Smooth Prints

Sublimation printing produces prints that are not heavier nor thick.

The final print is soft.

Above all, the procedure leaves the jackets unaltered except for the included pieces of art.

What is Direct to Garment Printing Custom Team Jackets?

Direct-to-garment printing(DTG) is a mechanism of printing texts and images on textiles by the use of a special kind of inkjet printer.

The DTG printers have a compartment(platen) that holds the garment in a suitable position, while the print head sprays inks onto the textile.

The DTG however, requires use with a piece of auxiliary equipment called Pre Treatment machine.

The PTM creates a firm adherence between the garment fibres and ink.

Besides, it promotes the drying and curing of the ink.

Is Screen Printing Custom Team Jackets better than Sublimation Printing Personalized Athletics Jackets?

No, not at all.

Sublimation printing is a better choice compared to screen print.

Most suppliers prefer sublimation printing because of the following. Custom sublimated athletics jackets:

  • Are more durable.
  • Have got soft texture fabric with prints that do not crack, peel off or fade.
  • Can have unlimited colours at no additional expenses.
  • Have got vibrant colours with perfect photographic design.

How do you Check Quality of Sublimated Custom Athletics Jackets?

To determine the quality of the sublimated custom athletic jackets, you may consider the following factors.

  • Type of ink used: the most suitable ink is KIAN ink.
  • The durability of the fabric; it should be long-lasting.
  • Nature of the images and texts; they should be smooth, soft, doesn’t crack nor peel off and uniformly sync with the fabric.

Are custom Athletic Jackets Durable?

Generally, custom athletic jackets last longer.

However, the durability is relative because it depends majorly on the type of fabric used and the printing mechanism.

  • Type of fabric; some fabrics relatively last longer compared to others, for example, polyester.
  • The Printing mechanism; sublimation printing produces durable jackets.

What are the Tips for Designing Custom Team Jackets?

You should consider the following when designing custom team jackets for athletes:

Custom running jackets

Custom running jackets

To formulate your style, you should consider:

  • Consider the right size and body type of jacket.
  • Select a suitable colour which matches your logo.
  • Consider the location for wearing the jacket, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • Consider the weather for your locality; this would enable you to choose between heavy and light jacket.

To customize the jacket, consider:

  • Use a distinct and unique logo
  • Choose a suitable font size and font style for your visible text.
  • Upload a suitable file type such as pdf, ai, jpeg, png, and ppt.

Select the Right Template

With a ready draft, choose an appropriate computer software and suitable jacket template available.

Lastly indicate the design details of the jacket on the model.

Seek Reference

You may seek different opinions from other designers, or manufacturers to come up with a final design copy that suits your needs.

Why should you import Custom Athletic Jackets from China?

Currently, Chinese custom athletic jackets are highly preferable and most sought after imports.

Here are the reasons why you may also consider importing the jackets from China.

  1. The jackets have a wide range of prices, so you purchase according to your budget.
  2. Quality is not a compromise. Chinese jackets have quality fabrics.
  3. Fast delivery. Chinese manufacturers/ suppliers are prompt in their delivery.
  4. High Technological prowess. China is a hub of technology and utilizes the same in manufacturing jackets.
  5. Professional designers. Chinese designers are readily available and always charge lower incentives.

Where can you Print Logo on Personalized Athletics Jackets?

A logo is the identity of the team or sponsors.

Therefore, you have to strategically place the logo on the custom athletic jacket where it can be visible to everyone.

Appropriate places for printing the logo is either at the back or front of the jackets.

Still, you may opt to print it on the upper parts or lower sections of the back or front jackets.

Are there minimum order Quantity for Custom Athletic Jackets?

Mostly there are no minimum orders for a majority of manufacturers or suppliers.

The jackets are available for order even in few quantities.

Therefore, you order according to your requirements, no worry.

Are all Custom Athletic Jackets Waterproof?

Not necessarily all.

But again, it depends on the design and brand of the jacket.

Most custom athletic jackets are, however, water-resistant.

Besides, they are also suitable for withstanding wind.

Should you Order for Custom Athletic Jackets from Alibaba or Factory?

The best way is to order directly from a factory.

This is because:

  • You get the products at lower costs, especially when purchasing a large quantity.
  • You acquire quality consistent custom athletic jackets.
  • It saves you lots of time for communicating via a trading company.
  • You get a better opportunity of fixing problems if any occur.
  • You build a stronger relationship with the manufacturer.

What is the difference between Custom Team Jackets and Custom Sweatshirts?

Here is the difference between the two:

a) Custom Team Jackets

You can use custom team jackets for a variety of sports purposes and to keep warm.

Team jackets have zippers or buttons in any on the front section for proper adjustments.

They also have pockets for keeping accessories.

Besides, they are available for coaches, players, and cheerleaders.

Besides, they come in several colours and materials.

b) Custom Sweatshirts

A sweatshirt is a loose kind of sweater that has a huge allowance compared to a regular sweater.

Besides, sweatshirts end around the neck and have no face cover or hood.

Sweatshirts have varied fasteners, with the most common being zippers or buttons.

Lastly, sweatshirts are ideal for sports purposes or leisurewear.

How should Custom Athletics Jackets Fit?

Athletics jackets need not be too tight nor baggy.

They should have adequate space for flexibility and movement.

The jacket should be adequately long to reach the level of your trousers’ fly.

Besides, the jacket’s sleeve should reach the wrist band around the cuff area.

It should not go beyond.

Moreover, the jacket should have a small but enough allowance on the neck region of about two finger size.

However, the neck region shouldn’t be too big.

How does Personalized Athletics Jackets Protect you from Surrounding Weather?

Personalized athletic jackets have unique features which protect the wearer from adverse weather conditions.

These features include:

  • Waterproof or water-resistant coating to keep off rainwater.
  • Wind resistant to hinder wind and maintain warmth.
  • Reflective coating jackets to maintain your visibility in low light conditions.
  • UPF protection to guard against excessive sun’s rays.
  • Capability of wicking away perspiration moisture to maintain dry and comfort.

Which Special Features do Custom Athletics Jackets Have?

Before purchasing any custom athletic jackets, look out for the following features:

Custom running jacket

Custom running jacket

  • Waterproof material to keep away raindrops.
  • Suitable material types of materials to ensure you are always warm.
  • Sizeable pockets to hold essential personal items.
  • Fasteners at the front sides for adjusting the wears.
  • Flat-lock closures to offer a smooth, chafe-free fitting.
  • Thumbholes to keep your hands warm and protected from external injury.

Clearly, there are many things you must consider before buying custom athletic jackets.

We hope every information in this guide was useful and will help you get high quality custom athletics jackets.

At Goal Sportswear, we design and manufacture custom athletic jackets at competitive prices.

Contact us today for your next order on custom athletics jackets.

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