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Goal Sportswear as Your Exceptional College Wrestling Singlet Supplier

Goal Sportswear is a professional college wrestling singlet manufacturer in China. We have more than ten years of experience in the industry. As a rich-experienced manufacturer, we have full capabilities in supplying your college wrestling singlet needs.

We use more than 50 fabric options for your college wrestling singlets. You can also use your specific fabric options. Thus, you can guarantee the products’ quality. At Goal Sportswear, we inspect every product to ensure accurate details.

Goal Sportswear is indeed a trusted college wrestling singlet supplier. Request a quote today for your special request!


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Goal Sportswear – The Leading College Wrestling Singlet Manufacturer in China

Goal Sportswear is specializing in manufacturing all kinds of sportswear including college wrestling singlets. You can get the best deals, offers, and services if you purchase your college wrestling singlets from us.

We manufacture college wrestling singlets that offer strength, durability, and high performance. All our products are professionally manufactured with superior workmanship and high quality. It also comes with different sublimated designs for your options.

Goal Sportswear makes sure to manufacture high-end college wrestling singlets. We use imported and high-technology sewing and printing machines to manufacture your orders. As a professional manufacturer, we can accommodate small and large orders through our flexible production line.

To help you find the right sizes, we can provide you accurate size charts for your options. However, you can also send us your specific size details. It also goes the same way for the colors. You can choose colors from our Pantone Solid Coated color book or contact us for your specific color requirements.


  • Collegiate professional look
  • Muscle compression
  • Available in high-cut, low-cut, and reversible design
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Flat-lock stitching design for durability
  • Breathable, lightweight, athletic wear
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Made from Lycra, Nylon, and other materials

Here in Goal Sportswear, you can assure an authentic college wrestling singlet. We can provide you one-stop solutions and services to your needs. For your team or business, choose Goal Sportswear as your primary college wrestling singlets supplier!

Aside from college wrestling singlets, we also offer wrestling warm-ups, high school wrestling shirts, pro wrestling singlets, custom low cut wrestling singlets, reversible wrestling singlets, youth wrestling singlets, custom wrestling outfits, and more.

Goal Sportswear offers top-rated services including fast and cheap shipping process, competitive price, excellent after-sales service, fast delivery, easy communication, and quick turnaround time. If you have more questions and inquiries, you can reach us at We will reply to you instantly!

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College Wrestling Singlets: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any questions on college wrestling singlet, the answer you’re looking for is right here.

From material type, design, features, to printing technique – you will find all information right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Are College Wrestling Singlets?

College wrestling singlets are usually uniforms used by college wrestlers during wrestling training or matches. They come in either two or one-piece with tight-fitting.

The uniforms may come in two different cuts: low cut college wrestling singlets and high cut wrestling singlets. The preference choice is yours.

College Wrestling Singlets

College Wrestling Singlets

How Do You Pick College Wrestling Singlets?

When selecting a college wrestling singlet, you need to consider factors such as;

  • Size
  • Colour
  • Material
  • Type of cut (high cut or low cut college wrestling singlets)

The essential guide you need to note is the rule of wrestling which is first up is fit. Choose a college wrestling singlet that will fit the size of a t-shirt.

Loose singlets are not allowed in wrestling, make sure your singlet does not snug, and you will also feel comfortable on it.

Low Cut College Wrestling Singlet

 Low Cut  College Wrestling Singlet

Why Is It Important To Wear A College Wrestling Singlets?

College wrestling singlets are essential for wrestlers since they allow the referee to see the body movement and award the points.

Another importance of the college wrestling singlet is it’s tight-fitting. It helps wrestlers not to grasp their opponents during the match accidentally.

College wrestling singlets will allow the wrestlers to move freely during the match. And also, their design will help them to stay secure despite the roughness of the game.

What Sizes Are Available For College Wrestling Singlets?

Okay, we have different sizes available for the college wrestling singlets.

When you need to purchase a singlet, we recommend you go by the weight of a college wrestler.

See below a guide size chart for college wrestling singlets.

Weight College Singlets Size
85-110lbsExtra Small(XS)
111-129lbsSmall (S)
130- 154lbsMedium (M)
155-184lbsLarge (L)
185-224lbsExtra Large(XL)
225 lbs and aboveExtra Extra Large(2XL)

If you are not sure about your weight, kindly ask for assistance from the coaches or someone knowledgeable about singlets.

What Are The Features Of College Wrestling Singlets?

For college wrestling singlets, they have many different features that usually come along with them. Below are just a few features that may be of help to you;

Fabric Type

College wrestling singlets generally have stretchy fabrics like lycra, nylon, spandex, and polyester.

These are recommended materials that are flexible and comfortable, which is what all college wrestlers need.


Well, for stitching, we have various methods that may be used on college wrestling singlets. But the most common technique is flat-lock double stitching.

Here seams are usually sewn down to lay flat.

The singlets typically irritate the skin underneath if seams are not correctly sewn downwards.

Leg Opening

It’s another feature of college wrestling singlets—the singlets leg openings tend to ride up when worn by the college wrestlers.

If you need the best college wrestling singlet, you better go for the one with leg grippers inside them.

These grippers are usually put at the bottom of the leg opening.

Leg Grippers Feature Help Prevent The Singlets From Riding Up

Leg Grippers Feature Help Prevent The Singlets From Riding Up

Decoration Type

The decoration type is also one of the features of the college wrestling singlets. The singlets typically have different sewn designs.

Sublimation is one of the best designs to decorate your college wrestling singlets and look more attractive.

Do You Have Color Options For College Wrestling Singlets?

In most college wrestling matches, they usually work as a team, so they pick a theme color of the team used. The same will apply to the competitors.

But if the wrestling match is between individuals, it will be easy for you since you can use college wrestling singlets of any color. Mostly you may go in your favorite color.

What Kind Of Fabrics Do You Use To Make College Wrestling Singlets?

We have a variety of fabrics to choose from while making college wrestling singlets. All you need to know about the kind of fabric must be comfortable, stretchy, and flexible.

Some of the various kinds of fabric for college wrestling singlets includes;

Polyester – This is a synthetic fabric that is lightweight, breathable, and flexible at the same time.

Polyester is known for its durability and also dries quickly. It’s also cheap compared to other fabrics.

Spandex – Spandex is mostly friendly to everyone. It’s a high-quality stretching fabric that is recommended. It’s typically a blend of nylon and polyester with spandex fabric.

Be sure with spandex; your college wrestling singlets can last a lifetime. Though spandex fabric is expensive, and not all can afford it as much as everyone would like to use this fabric on their singlets.

Nylon – Is a lightweight and flexible for nylon fabrics but with poor quality of the college wrestling singlets. It has the advantage of being the cheapest fabric that anyone can afford to make their singlets.

The disadvantage of this fabric is that it reacts to wrestlers’ skins differently. Some college wrestlers who use the singlets made from these fabrics come out with skin rashes and itchiness.

Do knit fabric – These fabrics usually 100% polyester, it has a property to wick moisture off the body. Do knit fabric is also breathable and comfortable but is also expensive.

Knock Out ( KO ) College Wrestling Singlet

Knock Out (KO) College Wrestling Singlet

What Is The Cost Of College Wrestling Singlets?

Usually, the cost of college wrestling singlets varies with factors such as;

The type of fabric –  When you use a high-quality material such as lycra or spandex, the cost of the college wrestling singlets will be higher.

On the other side if you decide to use a low-quality fabric such as nylon, then the cost of your college wrestling singlets will be lower.

The designs of the college wrestling singlet will be a factor to determine the cost of the singlet. If you need the best designs and modern ones, your singlet will be expensive compared to the standard designs, which are cheaper.

The size of the college wrestling singlet is also another factor. You will find that the smaller singlet size will be cheaper while the extra-large will be pretty expensive.

The excess material is used to make the extra-large singlets, which will be expensive due to their large size.

Generally, color is also a factor determining the cost of the college wrestling singlets in the market.

You may find that singlets with colors like red blue are expensive while on the other hand. The black-green grey white turns to be cheaper.

How Can You Compare Low Cut College Wrestling Singlets To High Cut College Wrestling Singlets?

Low-cut college wrestling singlets have necklines coming down to the middle of the chest and much lower beneath the armpit.

The back of the lower cut college wrestling singlet typically features a thinner fabric that usually comes between the blade and the shoulder.

The advantage of the low-cut college wrestling singlet is, it’s easy to wear and uses less material.

Low Cut College Wrestling Singlet

Low Cut College Wrestling Singlet

While for high-cut college wrestling singlets, it generally comes up closer to the neckline and armpit of the college wrestler.

The high cut college wrestling singlets are highly recommended to college wrestlers compared to low cut singlets.

For high cut college singlets, they use a lot of fabric compared to low-cut college wrestling singlets.

High Cut College Wrestling Singlet

High Cut College Wrestling Singlet

Do You Custom Sublimate College Wrestling Singlets?

Yes, custom sublimated college wrestling singlets are generally made by different brands and feature typically fully sublimated designs that will offer creativity.

For sublimation process is a method of infusing ink directly into the fabric by using heat. It’s the best printing method for college wrestling singlets.

Some of the benefits of custom sublimating college wrestling singlets are;

  • Singlets will never bleed, peel nor fade at any time.
  • The custom college wrestling singlet will not see me through like others.
  • The singlets will turn out to be durable.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom College Wrestling Singlets?

Some of the benefits of a college wrestling singlets are;

  • The style of custom college wrestling singlets is unique and trendy.
  • Another benefit is you have the design freedom to choose what makes you feel good when you wear it.
  • Custom college wrestling singlets offer cheaper options depending on your budget.
  • You are guaranteed high quality from custom wrestling singlets.

What Are The Available Printing Options For College Wrestling Singlets?

For printing methods, we have many available college wrestling singlets. It will always depend on your choice and pocket when selecting a printing option since the cost varies.

Screen Printing Method

Well, screen printing usually involves printing directly from the computer to the singlet fabric. It’s considered a cheaper method, and generally, it saves a lot of time since it’s a quicker method.

Sublimation Printing Method

It’s also known as dye sublimation printing. On these methods, you use to heat and ink, which is directly infused into the fabric.

Sublimation is a high-quality printing technique and durable but expensive though it is worth the price.

Printing Allows You To Customize The Singlet

Printing Allows You To Customize The Wrestling Singlet

How Should You Maintain For College Wrestling Singlets?

Maintaining a college wrestling singlet is not as hard as you think. You only need to follow the guidelines provided, and your singlets will be well cared for.

  • Wash your college wrestling singlets on their separate bucket to avoid inter-colouring with other clothes.
  • Do not use a washing machine on your singlet. We recommend a hand wash.
  • Remember never to iron your college wrestling singlets to avoid your singlet from shrinking.
  • Use a plastic hanger when hanging your college wrestling singlet. Using a metallic hanger may cause rust on the singlets.
  • Do not bleach your college wrestling singlets. It will make the color of your singlets to be dull, especially the sublimated singlets.
  • Always pre-soak your college wrestling singlets overnight when stained with blood and wash them the next day.
  • Use cold or look warm water to wash your college wrestling singlets. Hot water is never friendly to the singlets.
  • To avoid your college wrestling singlets from being damaged, do not use detergents while washing them. The detergents generally have chemicals on them, and when you use them on the singlets, they will get damaged faster.

How Can You Tell A Fake College Wrestling Singlet?

One of the ways that you can tell if the college wrestling singlet is fake will be through price. The quality of a college wrestling singlet will always be detected by price.

The higher the price, then be sure of the higher the quality of the singlet. But for fake college wrestling since they have a poor quality caused by cheap fabrics.

When purchasing a singlet, do thorough research about prices and go with the average or the expensive ones. You can ask the experts for help if necessary.

Stitching is also another way of identifying fake college wrestling singlets. You need to carefully check the spacing’s between the stitches of your singlets.

They need to be close together with undone threads on the same line. Try to pull the threads during the purchase and if they come out, be sure it’s a fake college wrestling singlet.

How Do You Ensure The Quality Of College Wrestling Singlets?

When it comes to college wrestling singlets, you need to ensure quality by looking at the following;

  • The price- If the singlet price is average in the market or is of high cost, it’s of good quality. And if the price is low, then definitely the singlet will turn out to be of low quality.
  • The fabric of the college wrestling singlet, if it is stretchy, breathable, and flexible, be sure it’s a high-quality singlet.
  • The stitching method was used to stitch the college wrestling singlets. If it has undone threads that, when pulled, do not come out for sure, the quality of the singlet is good.

Are College Wrestling Singlets Unisex?

Yes, the college wrestling singlets are typically unisex, which means any gender can use them. They tend to be cheaper compared to the ones that are designed for a particular gender.

 College Wrestling Singlets Are Unisex

College Wrestling Singlets Are Unisex

Do You Have Safety Considerations For Choosing College Wrestling Singlets?

Yes, we have safety considerations for choosing college wrestling singlets. Keep in mind the following while buying the singlets.

Size – Always make sure your college wrestling singlets are fitting and have no excess fabrics on them. It is for your security purposes to avoid an opponent from pulling the singlet during wrestling.

Fabric -Considering the type of material used on the college wrestling singlets is another safety consideration to look at. Wrestlers might react differently to fabrics which may cause dermatologist issues.

They may get skin irritation or rashes when using different fabrics, so you need to be careful while selecting the material.

Do You Have A Return Policy For College Wrestling Singlets?

Absolutely yes, we have the return policy for college wrestling singlets. They include;

  • The college wrestling singlets must not be worn or used by the client’s side before returning them.
  • There is a specific time frame on which the college wrestling singlets should be returned, a maximum of 30 days after receiving your shipment.

By following our return policy correctly, we guarantee you an exchange of the college wrestling singlet or a refund, whichever you choose.

Do You Offer Discounts For College Wrestling Singlets?

Yes, we usually offer a discount for college wrestling singlets, but only for bulk orders which are 300 pieces of singlets and above.

Can I Get A Free Sample For College Wrestling Singlets?

Yes, we give free samples for college wrestling singlets. It allows you to inspect the singlets and approve them or make corrections before starting the manufacturing process.

We will send the sample within ten days after your order.

How Long Will It Take To Process My Order For College Wrestling Singlets?

Well, it will all depend on the quantity of the college wrestling singlets you have ordered.

For bulky orders, it may take 30 working days to be processed. While for the small quantity, it might take less than 14 working days

What Are Your MOQ For College Wrestling Singlets?

Our MOQ is a very flexible one for our clients who purchase the college wrestling singlets. But note that it will depend on how frequent the client is.

Mostly it the MOQ starts with 300 pieces of college wrestling singlets.

In addition to college wrestling singlet, we have:

For any questions or inquiry about college wrestling singlet, contact us now.

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