Button Down Baseball Jersey : The Complete FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about button-down baseball jersey.

From material type, design, collar option to features – everything you need about these baseball jerseys is right here.

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What is Button Down Baseball Jerseys?

Button down baseball jerseys are part of baseball uniforms that you will wear and button all the way down.

It has buttons from the bottom of the shirt all the way to the upper part of the shirt for buttoning purposes.

Baseball uniform

Baseball uniform

How Does Button Down Baseball Jersey Compare to Two Button Baseball Jersey?

Just from the name you will realize that both custom baseball jerseys have buttons on them.

Apart from the fact that they have buttons on them, you should note that the number of buttons vary considerably.

Two button baseball jersey is a type of custom baseball jersey with two buttons near the collar.

 Two button baseball jersey

 Two button baseball jersey

On the other hand, button-down baseball jerseys have buttons running from the top to the bottom.

Implying that the buttons begin from the top next to collar all the way down to the hem of the jersey.

Despite the differences, both jerseys usually have particular similarities.

Both buttons down and two-button baseball jerseys use polyester as the main manufacturing material.

In addition to that, you will manufacture both types of jerseys following the MLB jersey rules.

In other words, the printing of names and numbers on both jerseys must follow the MLB jersey rules.

Why should you Import Button Down Baseball Jersey from China?

China is the manufacturing hub for almost every commodity that you need including jerseys.

They have a very friendly environment for the manufacturing of different products including jerseys.

Here are the reasons why you should consider importing button down baseball jerseys from China.

  • Low Cost of Production

You will spend less in the process of producing button down baseball jerseys.

This is because the materials are cheap and ready to acquire and the cost of labor is also low.

  • High Quality Jerseys

Apart from that, you will get very high-quality button-down baseball jerseys from the Chinese manufacturers.

They use the state-of-the-art machine and very high-quality materials which they acquire through OEM business.

  • Ease of Doing Business

You will also go through a simple process of making purchases as the business environment is very friendly.

Apart from that, the transport system allows you to move them from China to other destinations very easily.

Do You Have Color Limitations on Button Down Baseball Jerseys?

 Button down baseball jersey

Button down baseball jersey

NO, we do not have color limitations on the button-down custom baseball jerseys.

Just from the name, you are in a position to know that these baseball jerseys are custom.

Implying that you can choose any color of button-down baseball jerseys that you want for your custom button-down baseball jersey.

Are there Regulations Governing Button Down Baseball Jerseys?

Yes, there are regulations that you must adhere to when manufacturing custom baseball jerseys.

You will have to follow the rules aligned on the Major League Baseball which govern the baseball body.

Here are some of the rules that you must adhere to when making button down baseball jerseys.

  • Color of the Jersey

There are very few limitations when it comes to the color of the button-down baseball jersey.

You must, however, ensure that every button-down jersey in a team is of similar colors.

  • Numbers on the Jersey

You must also print the number for easy player identification on the back of the jersey.

In addition to printing, the size of the number on the back must be a minimum of six inches.

  • Length of Sleeves

You can either have the long sleeved or the short-sleeved button-down baseball jersey with very minimal length variations.

You must also make sure that the sleeves are not slit, rugged or frayed to ensure for uniformity purposes.

  • Type of Buttons

You can use different materials such as plastic to make the buttons of custom button-down baseball jerseys.

The only limitation is on the fact that you should never use glass buttons on the custom button-down baseball jerseys.

  • Name of the Player

You can also include the name of the player on the upper back part of the custom button-down baseball jerseys.

The rules requires that you print the last name of the player unless they approve of another name.

How Much Does Button Down Baseball Jersey Cost?

You can purchase your custom button-down baseball jersey for between 20 and 150 US dollars.

There is a very huge gap between the cheapest and the most expensive type of button-down baseball jerseys.

The difference in price between the button-down jerseys is as a result of:

  • Variation in Quality

High quality button-down baseball jerseys will definitely cost you a lot more than the low-quality versions.

  • Size Variation

You should also understand that custom button-down jerseys for kids are less expensive than those for adults.

  • Quantity of Baseball Jerseys

Definitely, the more button-down baseball jerseys you purchase, the higher the price you will pay for them.

You can also benefit from a discount in case you purchase in bulk from one supplier.

Where Do You Place the Logos on Button Down Baseball Jersey?

 Button baseball jersey

Button down baseball jersey buttons

You will place the logo of the team on the left part of the chest on the button-down baseball jersey.

During the placement of the logo, you have to be very careful and take care of the center of the logo.

In other words, you must know the center of the logo is before you place it on the Button-down baseball jersey.

How Do You Make Button Down Baseball Jersey?

You can make your own custom button-down baseball jerseys by coming up with a very unique idea.

With the idea in mind, you can proceed with the designing process by going through the following steps.

Here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow when making custom button-down baseball jerseys.

Step One: Designing the Custom Button-Down Baseball Jersey

You will begin the entire process by designing your custom button-down baseball jersey.

This the point where your unique idea of custom button-down baseball jersey will come through.

You will use your design and a design software to make it a reality using the designing instructions.

Here, you will choose a design template from the design software that will match your unique design.

After that, you will scribble every design detail within the template and color every detail accordingly.

As soon as you complete that, you will review the design and approve of it according to the MLB rules.

Finally, you will save it according to the right format and send a copy to your manufacturer.

Step Two: Printing the Transfer Paper

As the manufacturer, you will receive the unique design and then review it with your team.

After approving of the design, you will print the design on a transfer paper using all the right details.

In this case, you will have to make sure that the sizing details, as well as the colors on the jersey, are in place.

The printer will produce the exact copy of the design on the transfer paper that you are using.

As soon as you complete the printing process of printing the transfer paper you will proceed to sublimation printing.

Step Three: Sublimation Printing Process

You will begin the printing process by arranging the polyester materials on the sublimation printer.

You will also arrange the transfer paper on the sublimation printer right above the polyester fabric.

After that, you will set the temperature and pressure at higher intervals for proper results.

You will set the temperature at about 400 degrees Fahrenheit and pressure for about 30 seconds.

Within that time frame, your machine will melt the print from the heat transfer paper.

The pressure will ensure that it moves straight into the polyester fabric.

It will create the exact impression of the design that you want on the polyester fabric.

After that, you will allow the ink to settle into the fabric for about a minute in the incubation process.

Step Four: Cutting and Stitching

You will take the printed polyester fabric and then cut it according to the right pieces.

After that, you will stitch all these pieces together thus forming a complete button-down baseball jersey.

Finally, you will sew the buttons on the jersey completing the entire process of making the jersey.

What is the Best Material for Manufacturing Button Down Baseball Jersey?

The best material that you will use to manufacture button-down baseball jersey is polyester material.

You will use polyester materials because of the following reasons.

  • High Tolerance to Temperature

Polyester is best for manufacturing custom button-down baseball shirts because of its tolerance to temperature.

You can print it using sublimation printing method which uses very high printing temperatures without burning.

  • Breathable Fabric

Apart from that, polyester is a breathable fabric that allows proper flow of air to your body thus leaving you nourished.

It has special types of pores which will keep you properly aerated throughout the baseball game.

  • Strong and Durable Fabric

Polyester is also a very strong fabric that can withstand the pressure on the baseball pitch without damages.

You can run and slide across the pitch in your button-down polyester fabric with no fear of damages.

  • Moisture Wicking Properties

In addition to the above characteristics, polyester has moisture-wicking properties with the ability to absorb moisture.

It will absorb sweat from your skin and keep you dry and comfortable throughout the gaming period.

Why Do I Need Button Down Baseball Jersey?

You need the button-down baseball jersey as part of your team’s baseball uniform.

Here are the reasons why you need to wear button-down baseball jersey as a team.

  • Proper Identification

Wearing custom button-down baseball jersey will make it easier for other people to identify your team.

It will help in distinguishing your team from the opponent’s team during a baseball game.

  • Fosters Team Spirit

Custom button-down baseball jerseys also increase the awareness of togetherness with your team mates.

In other words, your team will remain together and work together to achieve a particular goal.

What Kind of Prints Can I Place on Button Down Baseball Jersey?

Well, you will place prints on the button-down custom baseball shirt according to the MLB rules.

Major league baseball dictates that there are specific details that you must print of the button-down baseball jersey.

Here are the main details that you will print on the button-down baseball jersey.

  • Last Name of the Player
  • Number of the Player
  • Logo of the Team
  • MLB Logo
  • Logo of the Manufacturer

What is Button Down Baseball Jersey Branding?

Button-down baseball jersey branding is the process of personalizing your jersey with particular brands.

In other words, you will print names, logos, pictures, designs, terms, and symbols in order to promote particular companies.

You are, however, not allowed to brand your button-down baseball jersey according to the major league baseball rules.

How Does a Button-Down Baseball Jersey Compare to a Zipper Down Baseball Jersey?

Zipper baseball jersey

Zipper baseball jersey

The main difference between a button-down baseball jersey and a zipper down baseball jersey is the mode of enclosure.

You will close the button-down baseball jersey with buttons and the zipper-down baseball jersey with a zipper.

Despite that difference most of the characteristics of both baseball jerseys are similar.

In other words, they are made using the same materials, printing techniques and even under similar rules.

What is the Process of Selecting the Best Fabric for Button Down Baseball Jersey?

When looking for the best fabric for button-down baseball jerseys, you have to look at specific details.

Here are the main details that you have to pay very close attention to.

  • Comfort

You should consider choosing a material that is comfortable and will feel soft when rubbing against your skin.

Under comfort, you will also look at moisture wicking properties where the material can absorb enough sweat.

It must also be breathable thus allowing enough air to flow through the pores and on to your skin.

  • Strong Fabric

You should also look for a strong fabric that can withstand abrasion forces especially when you are on the pitch.

Apart from that the fabric should be strong enough to withstand high sublimation printing temperatures.

Why is Sublimation Printing the Best Printing Method for Button Down Baseball Jersey?

Sublimation printing is the most suitable printing method that you can use to print button-down baseball jersey.

Here are the reasons why you should use sublimation printing on your button-down baseball jersey.

  • Produces Soft Fabric

You will get very soft fabric even after completing the whole sublimation printing process.

It ensures that the ink fuses right inside the fabric thus maintaining the original softness of the fabric.

  • Cheaper for Minimum Quantities

It is very cheap to produce very few button-down baseball jerseys using the sublimation printing method.

The only problem comes when you have to increase the quantity as the cost will also be on the rise.

  • Durable Prints

You will also enjoy highly durable prints that do not fade, break, crack or peel off as you use them.

The prints will survive for a very long time if you take very good care of care of the button-down baseball jerseys.

How Do You Design Button Down Baseball Jerseys?

In case you want a unique type of button-down baseball jersey, you can design one with unique features.

Here is a step-by-step procedure that you can follow to successfully design your custom button-down baseball jersey.

Step One: Idea Formulation

You should spend some time brainstorming and researching about the most unique type of idea.

With a pen and paper at hand, you can proceed with scribbling different ideas on the paper.

You can try out different types of ideas until you settle on one that your team can agree on.

Step Two: Choosing a Designing Software

After settling on a great and unique idea, you will proceed to your computer and choose a designing software.

The designing software has numerous design templates of which you will choose one.

With the designing template at hand, you will proceed through every designing step to create a full jersey.

You will fix every detail accordingly on the design software until the jersey comes to a reality.

As soon as that is complete, you will consult with other designers to confirm that your design is perfect.

How Should a Button-Down Baseball Jerseys Fit?

When choosing a button-down baseball jersey, you must make sure that the button-down baseball jersey fits you well.

Here are the factors that you have to consider when choosing the right fit for button-down baseball jersey.

Collar or Neck of Button-down Baseball Jersey

In this case, you can either have the V-neck or round neck types of button-down baseball jerseys.

You must make sure that the collar is not too tight or too loose by giving a proper allowance.

You can insert a finger in between the collar and the skin thus ensuring it fits well.


You can also opt for long sleeves or short sleeves for your button-down baseball jerseys.

The short sleeves should be long enough to reach the mid part of your biceps and should not be too tight.

The long sleeve should not be too tight as well and should be long enough to reach the wrists of your arms.

Length of Button-down Baseball Shirts

You can also have the custom button-down baseball shirts as long as reaching the mid-section of your pants zipper.

Shoulder Length

You must also make sure that the shoulder of the jersey reaches right at the end of the collar.

It should fit perfectly right at the point where the shoulder meets your arms.

What is the Difference Between Authentic and Knock-off Button-Down Baseball Jerseys?

The main difference between knock-off and authentic button-down baseball jersey is the quality.

Authentic button-down baseball jersey is of very high quality in comparison to the knock-off button-down baseball jersey.

Knock-off button-down baseball jerseys are a copy of the authentic baseball jersey but usually of very poor quality.

What are the Best Conditions for Sublimation Printing of Button-Down Baseball Jerseys?

Sublimation printing is the best form of printing custom button-down baseball jerseys.

You must, however, be very careful during the sublimation printing process and get all the factors right.

Here are the conditions that you have to maintain in order to get the best results.

  • High printing temperatures ranging between 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • High printing pressure
  • Printing time ranging between 30 to 45 seconds

How Do Custom Button-Down Baseball Jerseys Compare to Stock Button Down Baseball Jerseys?

You can opt for the custom button-down baseball jerseys or stock type of button-down baseball jerseys.

Well, stock button-down baseball jerseys are readily available and you can get them whenever you order them.

You will pay a standard price for the stock button-down baseball jersey which is lower than that for custom baseball jerseys.

On the other hand, custom button-down baseball jerseys are the unique type of baseball jerseys.

They have very unique designs on them and requires time to design, print, and manufacture.

You will also pay a higher price when purchasing the custom button-down baseball jerseys.

Do You Supply Sleeveless Button-Down Baseball Jerseys?

 Sleevelesss button down baseball jersy

Sleeveless button baseball jersey

Yes, you can also opt for the sleeveless custom button-down baseball jerseys.

In many cases, you will wear them for the purposes of training especially during the hot summer weather.

It has extra allowance on the sleeves which allows you more aeration on your body.

What is the Difference Between Men’s and Women Button-Down Baseball Jerseys?

We supply button-down baseball jersey that will fit both men and women.

You can differentiate men from women button-down baseball jersey by looking at particular features.

One of the features you will look at is how the jersey fits on your body.

Women custom button-down baseball jerseys often have narrow shoulders and more breast allowance.

In addition to that, they are often wider around the hem to provide more allowance for the hips.

On the other hand, men custom button-down baseball jerseys often have broader shoulders.

Apart from the fit, you will note that women button-down baseball jerseys are more beauty oriented with bright colors.

On the flip side, men prefer having dull colors and block designs on the button-down baseball jerseys.

How Can You Clean and Maintain the Button-Down Baseball Jerseys?

You can clean the custom baseball jerseys by using very mild soap and detergents.

It is important to ensure that the detergent and soap is mild enough to avoid fading the ink.

You will begin the cleaning process soaking the jersey in soapy water to remove the stubborn stains.

After that, you will wash it using a washing machine using normal water temperatures.

As soon as it is clean enough, you will rinse and dry it out in a shade to avoid destroying the prints.

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