Board Short Manufacturers : The Complete FAQ Guide

I know you are probably looking for a reliable board short manufacturers.

Or, you want the best board shorts in the market.

If that is the case, then this guide has all information you need.

So keep reading to learn more.

Which Designs Do Board Short Manufacturers Offer?

Board shorts have multiple designs which include;

  • Roxy board shorts.
  • Billabong board shorts.
  • Quicksilver board shorts.
  • Von Zipper board shorts.
  • Carve Bali-designed board shorts.
  • Gotcha board shorts.
  • Adoretex board shorts.
  • Stripped women’s board shorts.
  • Kurt board shorts.
  • Sythyee women board shorts.
  • Vintage board shorts.
  • Beach board shorts.

Board short

board short

What Are Board Shorts?

These are shorts made of light materials like polyester or nylon and are majorly used for swimwear sports or casual wear.

The fabrics used on the shorts are designed to be strong and light to dry faster.

Where Can You Use Board Shorts?

Board shorts have diverse uses when it comes to sports, both on-show and off-show sporting activities.

They are used for surfing.

Over the years, board shorts have been popularly used for surfing activities.

The design focuses more on accommodating surfers in this sporting water activity.

The light nature of these materials is the best suit for water sports as they can easily dry

surfing board short

surfing board short

The flexibility of the shorts is highly noticeable whereby the user can move with ease at all angles.

They are also long enough to ensure while using them.

Used in wakeboarding.

This is a duo of water skiing and snowboarding.

Also, the combination of the two activities is what we term wakeboarding, a hybrid sport.

The shorts are long enough to ensure the safety of the user.

They also have a good closure system that prevents them from riding up or down.

Beach walks

The shorts are ideal for casual beach activities like walks and relaxing.

Even though they are all used for swimming, they are safer when it comes to UV rays, unlike swimsuits.

Most of the board shorts are made in darker colors to prevent them from overheating.

The light nature of the fabrics used is the reason why they are highly breathable and quick to dry up.

Beach sports

This includes playing beach volleyball, frisbee, and beach walking.

The shorts help you move with ease since they are very flexible.

beach board short

The presence of Velcro fastening loops and drawstrings ensures the shorts are firmly attached.

They are used for hiking.

This is because of their ability to dry fast while ensuring excellent breathability.

They are also tough and strong thus less prone to tear and wear.

Board shorts are also used in bike sports.

The material is highly flexible and ensures a wide range of motions.

They are used by fitness practitioners.

Board shorts are light and would absorb sweat drying quickly.

They also dry quickly and are less prone to stains.

Which Fabrics Do Board Short Manufacturers Use?

Board shorts are made from polyester or nylon fabrics.

Polyester is the most popular because of its outstanding properties.

They are strong and tough, a reason as to why they are durable.

They are highly flexible ensuring unrestricted movement.

Proper breathability makes them comfortable for use.

This material has low water absorption capability and excellent moisture-wicking properties.

Polyester is cheap and has good electrical properties.

It has poor hygroscopicity. This renders the material poor heat resistant.

The drawback of Polyester is that it is less attractive and not eco-friendly.

The material is highly prone to stains which render cleaning hard.

Alternatively, we have nylon.

Nylon has equally the same features as polyester.

They are stretchy, strong, comfortable, and static-resistant.

Its easier to wash in contrast with polyester.

Its breathability and versatility make the material easier to work with.

The disadvantage of nylon is that they are expensive.

Moreover, they are highly non-biodegradable thus a big threat when it comes to environmental conservation.

How Do Board Short Manufacturers Control Quality?

They make a review of the production processes to ensure recommended quality requirements of the board shorts are fulfilled.

Quality control checks are usually done at every unit of the entire production process.

This is made possible through;

Setting clear tolerance of board short measurements.

On-site tests of the shorts are done during pre-shipment.

Conducting lab tests for quality of the board shorts.

Why Buy From Board Short Manufacturers In China?

They are budget-friendly since China-based manufacturers offer low prices.

You are always safe from the risk of frauds and scammers.

Quantity purchases while staying within budget are encouraged due to low pricing. This ensures stock lasts.

Guaranteed quality of your board shorts in their best form.

Short turnaround time as they are quick in processing orders.

Timely delivery of your board shorts.

Free after-sales services i.e., branding and packaging.

This is done to appreciate customers thus strengthening the bond between manufacturers and customers.

Ensures the continued flow of stock. This is as a result of the short turnaround time and timely delivery of the board shorts.

You have a pool of options to choose from.

There is constant communication with customers with more interest in your feedback and satisfaction.

They guarantee you return of goods in case faulty. This is made possible with the use of a return policy.

You may have a touch and feel of what to expect since samples are offered.

How Can You Get Best Prices From Board Short Manufacturers In China?

We offer the best prices for board shorts as far as the good quality of the shorts is concerned.

Prices range from as low as 4$ to a maximum of 20$.

Do Board Short Manufacturers In China Help In Design Process?

Yes, we handle design processes.

We have a team that is well trained and highly experienced with professionalism in design.

Therefore, consider this least of your worries.

Do Board Short Manufacturers Offer Flexible MOQ?

Yes, we have a very flexible MOQ.

We put more focus on our customers’ satisfaction which is why we may end up loosening our terms on this.

However, this is done considering several factors whereby we put less focus on some of them.

Amongst them, we have the type of fabric, designs, color, turnaround time, size, printing method, and customization in case there is a need.

Our minimum order quantity is approximated to be 10 pieces for a single order.

Will Board Short Manufacturers Help In Shipping Process?

Yes, shipping charges are usually high, a reason as to why we take this initiative.

We offer reduced shipping fees while taking care of the entire shipping process.

Sometimes there is free shipping, it highly depends on your order.

This is to help support the small businesses’ growth by ensuring free and fair competition.

How Long Will Board Short Manufacturers Take To Process My Orders?

Usually, we are quick in processing orders to ensure timely delivery of your board shorts

Time is estimated in months and could take 1-2 months.

This could however vary depending on the size of your order and our MOQ.

The process begins once we approve your order.

Is There a Difference Between Board Shorts And Fishing Shorts?

There exist few differences between the two as the no of similarities tend to outweigh the differences.

Fishing short

fishing short

Apart from being constructed from the same type of fabric, they also share some roles.

One notable difference is height and slight design.

Can You Get Board Shorts With Draw Strings?

Yes, they have a drawstring enclosure that is non-elastic.

board short with draw strings

board short with draw strings

This is important to ensure the shorts fit firmly onto your body while in use.

Which Waist Options Do Board Short Manufacturers Offer?

We have boardshorts with all waist options in our stores.

They range from the smallest which is 30’’ to the largest which is 50’’.

Are There Board Shorts With Pockets?

Yes, we have board shorts with pockets.

The pockets are usually designed to be small in that they can only carry things like a house, car, or hotel keys.

board short with pocket

board short with pocket

They are also for decoration purposes as they enhance the outside appearance of the shorts.

Do Board Shorts Have Hook And Loop Fasteners?

Yes, the shorts are made with hook and loop fasteners.

Their role is to create a firm closure system by ensuring your board shorts are held in place.

Are Board Shorts From China Durable?

Yes, we ensure quality work which is subject to durability.

This is achieved by ensuring we use high-quality fabrics.

The fabrics are known for their incomparable strength and toughness, the reason behind durable board shorts.

We also use the best printing techniques.

For instance, sublimation printing involves the infusion of ink into these fabrics thereby improving the strength of the fabric.

The ink applied too is of the best quality, they rarely peel off or crack thus durable.

Putting all this into focus ensures the best version of your shorts saving you from replacement costs now and then.

Why Is Sublimation Printing Best For Board Shorts?

The process is known to be the most superior printing technique and therefore considered the best.

It involves the transfer of ink until it disintegrates into the fabrics with the help of heat.

sublimation printed board short

sublimation printed board short

Sublimation printing requires fabrics of the highest quality to make the process effective.

The ink we use meets the required standards, resistant to cracks, and cannot peel off easily.

This explains why you would go for sublimation over other printing techniques.

Which Color Options Do Board Short Manufacturers Offer?

We have our board shorts manufactured in several colors based on your interests.

The samples of the available color options are posted on our website.

With this, you can always get ideas of what suits you based on different factors.

This includes your skin tone color.

Dull colors blend well with dark-toned skin and vice versa.

The theme color of the event, or team for the case of sports.

Your gender should be considered as well.

Females like bright and vibrant colors while their male counterparts will go for dull colors.

Which Size Options Do Board Short Manufacturers Offer?

Board shorts are available in all sizes.

These are;

Extra extra-large (XXL) – They make a perfect fit for people with very huge bodies.

Extra-large (XL) – Best fit for people with relatively huge bodies.

Large (L) – As the name suggests, they are meant for large bodies.

Medium (M) – This is for medium body size

Small (S) – Small body types.

Extra-small (XS) – Very small body sizes.

How Does Board Shorts Manufacturers In China Support Small Businesses?

We offer very competitive prices to our clients.

This is by ensuring we minimize the cost of production which is subject to low pricing while ensuring quality work.

There is constant communication with our customers to ensure timely delivery of goods.

We facilitate the designing process

Small and new businesses may not be so informed about designs and the entire process.

We consider this our problem and not yours alone.

For this matter, our team of professionals has to make the process a success, not forgetting your involvement.

We carry out branding of your board shorts.

The process is archived by applying for logos and business trademarks.

This is one of the hacks to market your products thereby competing effectively as most people have unquestionable trust in branded items.

This helps you thrive in business regardless of the existence of known brands.

We help in the shipping process.

Shipping is known to be quite costly which may be relatively expensive for upcoming businesses.

We, therefore, offer reduced shipping services and sometimes ship free depending on the order.

By so doing, we ensure fair competition with the pre-existing brands which is a relief to our clients.

The turnaround time is usually very short.

Our team is very quick in processing orders which is why you can never run out of stock.

This thus shortens the time interval between ordering and delivery thereby ensuring business efficiency.

We guarantee you free after-sales services, inclusive of proper packaging as a way of supporting our clients.

You can always return your board shorts in case the items are faulty upon arrival.

Will Board Short Manufacturers In China Protect My Designs?

Yes, we have NDAs signed together with our clients.

This is to maximize the safety of your designs and any other related information from competitors.

The agreement does not allow any of our team members to disclose information regarding our clients.

Once found guilty of attempting that, you will be subject to the penalties of committing the crime.

By so doing, we enhance confidence, trust, and good relations with our clients.

Do Board Shorts Manufacturers Have Product Return Policy?

Yes, we have a guided return policy.

The policy gives you the mandate to return the board shorts in case they are unsatisfactory.

This is based on a condition that your reason for return is different from a change of mind about what is delivered to you.

The process should be done within the 1st seven days once you receive the items.

For this reason, we advise you to carry your own immediately to avoid delays.

Besides that, the delivered boardshorts should meet the following requirements before approval for return for exchange.

The boardshorts should come in their original form, new and scented.

Also the seals should not be tampered with.

The shorts should not be washed or used.

They should have the original tags.

User manuals inside the packages.

We do not accept returns of the offer or rummaged goods.

We require your original and a copy of your tax invoice alongside a delivery docket.

Once the above is in order, then consider your request approved.

Other products of interest include;

As your leading board short manufacturer, we guarantee high quality products at competitive prices – contact us now.

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